Polination time


I had a couple males I moved to the opposite side of the house and let flower and collected pollen from. while this was going on the females were just starting to show signs of sex. Now a couple weeks later a few plants are making flowers with many white pistills, and the males are gone. But I just noticed a fat calyx at the node with a immature seed!. my question is will all the flowers have seed? or is this seed I found one that was pollinated when the males were on the other side of the house and wind blew pollen into the garden? I have a Pure sativa that is just now showing female sex.
will it get pollinated even if the males are long gone.?


Yes pollen can carry a long way. If youre in a tent it would be wise to thouroughly clean your tent walls for pollen. It can stick to walls & possibly pollinate your next grow.


And to add to @Laurap a little bit I’ve heard to spray your plant with water and it is supposed to help inactivate but ultimately clean and disinfect. Look at a couple bottom buds that you won’t miss and disect them and see if they are seeded.


I will also say this I have clones and I found one seed the exact way you have and I have no males and no signs of hermi except 1 seed and it wasn’t on a bud it was in a calyx on the stem


There will be a few fake seeds. The pod will swell and act like a good seed. But, it’s just a fake pregnancy.
However, if you had mature males anywhere close and they spewed the millions of yellow pollen…and…you walked in that room and then visited the Ladies…you took pollen with you. Yes, that easy.
Watch the buds on the ends…not the nodes…that will show if they are seeded.
Good luck


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