Polinated w-no males. Are the seeds Female?

I have a few ‘random’ seeds from my Female Gorilla Glue plant grown from ILGM female seeds, they polinated with no males, so are they female seeds? I started all 5, they look good!.


I would say they would be fem seeds

Yes, unless you got a pot growing neighbor!! I often get them outside like one or two a plant sorta a survival seed I guess. On autos inside or out I always get a few but never planted them to know if they end up being autos

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Could be or could be hermies to get true feminized seeds you take pollen from a female you forced to herm and pollinate another non hermed female. When you get seeds from a hermed plant they have higher chances of being worse hermi than the parent plant. They could stay female though. You just have to keep a close eye though the whole grow for nanners.

Most likely scenario is that you had a few small nanners on your plant. They usually don’t have enough pollen to create the seeds that natural pollination would, but they will cause a few random seeds.


Yup it happens ( just happened to me for the first time in my 5th auto grow, my banana blaze didn’t like being cut off from nutes late flower so only a few foxtails got impregnated along with neighbors in a minor way) but people say you shouldn’t use self pollinated girls due to incest rules but neighbors should be relatively safe and feminized.

Hubs has found a couple of freebies in my buds. I’ve kept them to just to hone my germinating skills.


There were times way back when an oz of weed might have 1/4 oz of seeds. Then it evolved to getting lucky to find even one seed in a bag. The last couple bags I bought before I started growing were like that. I had one seed from Girl Scout Cookie and one seed from Bruce Banner (or so I was told). I germinated them along with two White Widow seeds. Two seeds in each of two net pots.
The left side grew a nice white widow. On the right the widow didn’t sprout. But something did and it grew quickly until it filled half the tent. When it began to show it’s testiculars I chopped it down but was too late.
The widow pollinated and I noticed that what I had thought was a branch was a second plant that grew with very little branching. It produced one cola weighing 13 grams and both plants produced a bunch of seeds.
I grew a couple from the widows seeds. I call them WMD (Who’s My Daddy) They had a sour diesel smell and taste.

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