Poland Spring 5gallon Bubbler bottle


Traces of the nutrients are lost each time you water to the point of runoff. Mostly they are consumed by your plants. As seedlings you don’t need to water to that point yet.

Moving is stressful to the plants. The new home isn’t the same as it was before. The roots will grow out of the original soil into the new. You would have to make sure that the soil ph of both pots is the same. You don’t want a Ph issue to slow things down for an auto.

I’ve had mixed results with transplanted autos. Never lost one, but have had tiny, low producers come from it. You don’t want anything to slow down your autos, since they’re on a time clock per say, so final pots ARE recommended.


thanks for your insight.

i guess im just going to have to deal with nutrients lost in runoff.

as a frugal person- would it be advisable to pour the runoff back into the pot, so those nutrients stay in the system??




I dump mine in the flush. What comes out are the salts and byproducts from growing. Dumping it back in again is like drinking pee, ya could do it but…