Poland Spring 5gallon Bubbler bottle

Would these be good to grow in? 5 gallon poland spring bottles.

I would chop the tops off and save some money not having to buy buckets.

growing White Widow autoflower outdoor.

or would planting directly in the ground be better?

I am concerned that even buckets aren’t wide enough. or do the roots grow downward?

Thank you very much.

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You would be better off in the ground or fabric bags. Those bottle would need to be blacked out and a lot of holes drilled in it to keep the water flowing. If you have to move plants around then you better off with say 7 or 10 gallon fabric pots or bigger.


Blacked out?

so clear isn’t good for the roots?

Thank you sir.


Blacked out. Like paint them black or use duct tape or something non transparent. Yes clear is not good for roots.


would these bee good: fabric bags

? hyper link to amazon

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Yes perfect! The handles are nice for moving around! and if you are wondering you can post links for amazon.

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do you know if i can transplant WW auto from 5 inch paper pot into ground directly? w/ good ground soil of course.

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I don’t know much about autos but from what I understand the less transplanting the better. I would think you be ok doing that.


For those fabric bags- do you think i would have to put holes in the bottom to let water flow out? and a tray underneath?

No. No holes needed. The fabric is porous enough. I grow indoors so I use trays but if you are outside then you can probably skip them I suppose. They are handy to have for when you check runoff water. These guys maybe able to give more info on outdoors. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd


Fabric pots are the way to go. They’re cheap and they help dry out the soil more evenly. They also help the plant “air prune” it’s roots by letting air through all sides and help prevent root binding. Most new growers over water and fabric pots help to prevent that. You can still water them too much in fabric but they help. If you’re growing autos, 3 gal pots are big enough for indoor. Photos, 5-7 gallon pots are good depending on your grow space.


I am growing outdoor, however I may start some seeds indoor, under grow lights in small pots, and then transplant them to larger pots outdoors due to questionable may weather.

So will I be able to get away with 5 gallon bags or should I get the 7 gallon?

will the pot size affect my ability to get multiple harvest out of them?

Fabric pots are reusable, and I’d say 5 gal indoors & a minimum of 7 gal outdoors.

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I have those same pots in the link. They seem to be pretty good quality

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interesting how you say 7 outdoor because i got an email form support saying 5 will be fine.

Is there any loss from getting the 7? I heard that the bigger the volume of the pot, the less concentrated nutrients are and that can be wasteful on soil.


5 gal pots would be fine, but I strive for better than fine. Photos outdoors would do you better in 7 gal pots. In a 5 gal fabric pot, you might root bound by middle to end of flowering.

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And do I place those fabric pots on trays to collect runoff to test?


Just remember bigger pots=bigger plants and if you’re growing outdoors in pots, I’d use trays to measure runoff.

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Since you’re growing autos the 5 gallon fabric should be fine. If you were doing photos outside then move up to 7 or 10 or int he ground.

Even though you will be outside it’s not a bad thing to keep them in pots instead of in the ground. Depending on where you are rain and humidity or any kind of sever weather can reek havoc and it’s nice to have the option to move them if needed. Good luck.


are nutrients in the soil lost when watering occurs?

everyone talks about planting autos in their final resting place.I feel partial to that because I would be putting a lot of good soil in the pot, just to fill it, and be basically flushing the soil out whenever I water. Resulting in less nutrients in the soil before the roots expand deep into the pot. This makes me want to transplant because the plant/soil would be more concentrated and I wouldn’t be wasting the nutrients in the soil.

I don’t see a problem if I were to transplant an auto before the roots totally took over a small pot and put it in a bigger pot. As long as its in soil I feel.

does that make sense?

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