Point of screen?


So see a ton of people doing the SCROG method of growing and I am just wondering why exactly this is so popular and what the point is? I don’t really get the point of the screen being there.



So prett much the screen is just to help keep the plants up and promote horizontal growth??


A completely untrained plant will develop one main cola(“top”) and kind of end up looking a little like a christmas tree. The screen forces horizontal growth and creates numerous tops as well as helping support them.


But how…Lol I really don’t mean to be a bother but I am wondering not only what the screen does but how it does it. Is the effect similar to taping the top of your plant down?


Yes, it is very similar, did you not read the article in the link?

check this one out too


Thank you. That second article is very detailed, I am going to have to try this. I want to try and get the most from my second crop and I hope to have more plants this time, but I have limited space and this might be good for that. I want to take some clones to test out the different training methods as well as plant hormones…one at a time, right now I just need crop to get money so I can more seeds and better lights ect.