Point Break (Sebring Seeds)

Point Break from Sebring Seeds. Had a beatle get in at some point so that’s why you’ll see a couple leaves clipped.


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My Sebring Revenge F4 went ballistic under a 12/12 only start to finish. Her cola was so massive it snapped the plant in 1/2. So I made Bubble Hash. She has a better kick now than just smoking the flowers.

So stay on top of this Sebring. :+1::+1::+1:


@MrPeat Good to hear… and not to hear. I appreciate the heads up. Stringing the girls up from the ceiling isn’t really one of my favorite pastimes. Was able to pick up Undertow and Sunshine Daydream as well.

Transplanted tonight. Guess we’re gonna find out in the next few days

Well, guess I never actual posted that post so it just got posted. Skip ahead a few days till now the Point Break has continued to push since transplant so pretty happy about it!

Defoliated up to about the top 3 nodes. I’ll probably let her do what she wants to do for the rest of this (save for any minor defoliation or training).

Happy Hump Day from the Point Break and I