Pocket PH tester


I received my pocket PH tester today. I am officially an expert. LOL


Buying a pH meter is the first step to being there! Happy growing


YES! I have arrived. Let the pigeons loose.




My tap water comes out at 5.7. It would be a hydro growers dream.


You would think so, but mine comes out of my RO system at nearly 7 and once I’m done adding my nutes and such it’s 6.0-6.1 every time! If mine came out at 5.7 I’d be doing a lot of adjustment I think.

Before a water chemist chimes in, I will mention that pure water should be 7.0 no matter where the tap water started, in theory, so this wouldn’t really ring true if you ran your 5.7 through my RO system.


I’m a soil grower. I was saying that thinking it might be. Just a pipe dream to grow in water. Maybe one day.


With coco coir, you can have the best of both worlds now! Use Ph Perfect nutes and you’re good to go! :+1::grinning:


I don’t even know what that is dude. Ive looked at pics and it looks like going dope in marbles. Do you pump water to it or what?


I don’t surf the web much. I have a mental disorder.


You’re thinking of Hydroton. Coco is much like soil, except that you treat it a lot like a hydroponic system and the plants end up growing as if they had been in a traditional hydro setup. It comes in bags, just like the dirt you’re using now. You can also get it in compressed bricks.


Donuts a soil? Pure or mixed with something. I really don’t have time for constant monitoring.


Is, not goghnuts


I just read some. It sounds like a great way to get faster growth and flowers. Have you ever used it? How would autos like it?


It might not be the best for autos. Plants tend to grow a bit slower in the coco at first. This might cause smaller plants than desired.


That’s so funny. That is exactly what I thought to myself when I got my pH pen as a gift for my birthday. Congratulations.:+1::joy:


Hey Neck. Did you have to calibrate it?


Hey @raustin, are you there? I have a question.


Hey @Happy_Pappy, I’m here.


I over watered plant for the first time and she look really sad. This is my first mishap with her. She is in a 5 gallon bucket. It has plenty of drainage holes and good draining soil but I just over did it. Have you ever had that happen?