PLZ need your help telling sex

I cant tell sex of some of my plants. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. This is my first grow got some seeds from friend I liked it when he had it Ice og. Decided to try and grow Ca taxes are high on flower and I am using more for my M.S. So hopefully these produce.

One more pic so u can see size they are about 8 weeks
Black fabric pots are 15 gallon and the beige color are 35 gallon

I don’t see anything to indicate sex yet. Are they autos or photos?

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No not autos. Does it take longer to show on a outside grow?

You may not know definitively until they start to flower.

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Just nervous everyone tells me get the males out early afraid one is going to screw my grow up. And next year I’ll get auto or fem seeds

As long as you keep a close eye on them, you’ll spot the difference before they start spitting any pollen. They may even show you in preflower.

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Already found 2 males thinking this is a male also

But confirmed at least 2 females. Waiting on 3 more to tell me.

Looks male to me.

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Yeah I chopped him

What do u recommend I feed my plants. I planted in FFHF was told it had enough nutrients in it until they start to flower.

You probably won’t make it all the way to flower in FFHF unless you’re growing autos or flipping to flower early, but it is definitely good soil. FFOF is good too, but may be a little “hot” (lots of nutrients) for most seedlings and young plants.

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Its outdoors so it be awhile. Should get get that 3 pack nutrients from fox farms?

You’ll need some sort of nutrients after they use up what’s in the soil. I’ve never used the FF trio (currently on a super tight budget, so I’ve been mixing up my own nutrient home brew on the cheap), but it is super popular and I know people who use them and grow GREAT smoke.

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Thanks I REALLY appreciate all ur help. I’m going to order it. Hoping to do my own home brews next year.

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Sorry I’m not more help. I’m still learning myself and it seems like there are millions of nutrient systems out there. It’s a bit overwhelming. Especially when you’re on a tight budget and see the prices on some of them. :grimacing:

What killing me is spending 200. A month at a dispensary.

I know that feeling for sure! Except our monthly bill is closer to $600. When our connection doesn’t run out for a week or 2 (or 3) at a time…

We got tired of paying too much for uncured mid grade smoke from unreliable sources. And that’s how I came back to growing.

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Up to 5 females still cant tell on one. It small but by far the fullest. Got tomato cages set up for support. Nutrients be here Monday and hoping these keep getting bigger.

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