Plz identify what this STRAIN may be

Hi. I have a white widow auto. Ive also got a bag seed plant. Out of great pot.
Its leaves are different from any ive ever seen. To me it looks like a tomato plant.
Post both so you can see difference.
Wwauto is the bigger.

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Well the good news is it’s not a tomato plant ! …and the next news is that it’s some kind of an indica ! Congrats! :thumbsup:


Thanks mate. So different to any plant ive gr own. Thanks

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Well it’s growing a little lopsided in the middle, the growth tip, not much you can do right now, should grow out …you’re probably going to top it anyway ?

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I will be mate. Already topped the auto.

Please help identify the strain someone…

It looks like a mix strain to be honest part indica part sativa. The exact strain is impossible to tell until the are older or have much more experience than I do. Looks good though. Happy Growing!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Healthy looking. Thatts looking great

Like everyone said we can never know but I would guess that was 70 - 80% sativa

@Paranorman if you were to give my one a percentage what would it be. My one i said looked to me like tomato.

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Yours is an indica I would say just flip the numbers around …but you really can’t tell, that’s just a rough guess but that’s what somebody wanted

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Thanks mate. I cant tell at all. Spose it comes with knowledge.

It did kinda look like a tomato ! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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Thanks buddy

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Quick update… she looks like she loved the Top…