Plz help tell me if my trichomes are ready ! it's in 9th week of flowering


helloo everyone!!!

are my trichomes ready?

if anybody could tell from the site zoom i would really appreciate it

have a lovely day


Hard to say with 100% certainty, but what it looks like to me is a mix of clear and cloudy. See what the other members have to say, I’m lost king at it on my phone.


Best is to look threw a loop or pocket scope
Also what type of effect are you going for head high or couch lock
More amber more couch lock/ body high
less more of a head high


Hello :slight_smile: thanks for ur reply. I prefer the buds not to have a strong couch lock effect. I prefer head high… more energetic. If so, shall I harvest now? I looked with a magnifier don’t see any amber
My strain is mostly indica. I am growing guerilla gusto


I didn’t really see any amber blowing up on my phone, but that’s also not the best method. If you’re staying away from the real stoney buzz, you’re not too far out in my opinion.

It doesn’t appear she is still packing pistils, and trichs are mostly cloudy. But I would still wait until you see some amber.


@nin I’m with @dbrn32 if your not looking for that body high your close just take it down when all milky
They will still mature for about a week or so after the harvest FYI not much but a little more don’t oworey about it going all amber
I see the pistols look brown or red at least the ones I see so that a good sign your close as well


Thank you :blush:


Yes can’t tell from that pic