Pls help! I think cal/mag deficiency but not sure

Hello everyone, this is my second cycle, I am in Veg right now have Durba Poison Laughing Buddha and White Widow, for the first time I noticed that that White Widow and Laughing Buddha showing some copper rusty spots on the leafs also a little bit of purple color on the leafs , Durban Poison too but not as bad as the other ones, also some leafs are fading from green to lighter green , is this a calcium deficiency? THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP

I am a NOOB but I know you will need help ticket.

What does that mean? This is my first time on any forum, I don’t know much, tnx

It is a list of questions about your growing environment or parameters.

First and most importantly, we would need to know what type of soil, soilless media, or hydroponics you are growing in.

By what you wrote above I am guessing you are indoors, but confirming if it is a indoor or outdoor grow would also be helpful information for someone trying to diagnose your problem.

The type of nutrients you are using and how often you feed them is another bit of information needed.

Also, the pH of your growing media would be helpful as this is often the main thing that is a contributing factor to deficiencies or toxicities, also over watering is sometimes responsible for a cal-mag deficiency.

And finally, temperature and humidity and what they are average and what they are during the day vs. during the night are important factors that could be shared.

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It looks like a primary nutrient deficiency, if I had to guess, phosphorous, or potassium, They must have looked better than that at one time, now they’re going down hill. It helps if we can see the whole plant, especially the tops.

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Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor:

Light system, size?


Ventilation system;

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you :slight_smile:
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I’m copied some others more experienced

I am using LED lights, advance nutrients grow A&B , sensical , b52, rhino skin, growing in coco coir , I keep my ph between 5.6-5.8, I never overwater for sure I always lift the pot , the plant is about foot and half 2 feet tall and very bushy cause I top it a lot, a started feeding it 1.0-1.1 EC and start noticing yellow tips, I thought it was nutrient burn and dropped the feeding strength to 0.6 EC, maybe it’s not enough food for that size of a plant, I was thinking flushing it tomorrow with PH’d RO water and start giving it 1.0 EC with 1ml per liter of Sensical

Sorry forgot to add, temp in the room lowest 70F highest 79F, humidity 35-40%

8 inch carbon filter out, 6” cold air intake, plus wall mount oscillating 16” fan

Strain is white widow canuk seed, and laughing Buddha Barney farm

I don’t use your nutrients, but in general if feeding at recommended levels, they should contain plenty of phosphorus or potassium.

The pH is ok, you can go as high as 6.1pH in coco growing, and you really want to keep it as close to 5.8pH as possible and no lower than 5.5pH.

I agree, this is not enough for a well developed and fast growing plant.

Coco in and of itself can cause a cal-mag deficiency and usually needs to be supplemented with extra in most nutrient formulas, unless the nutrient is specifically designed for coco coir.

Sounds like a good idea and get your feeding up to a proper amount, at least 1.0 EC of the main nutrients themselves, for a well developing plant.

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@bcooperman looks to me a Tale Tell sign of potassium deficiency. Mine did the same thing and I started adding potash plus by Dutch Masters in addition to the General Hydroponics Flora Series regimen and saw a difference almost immediately. That dry crispness of the rest of the green leaf the 'copper spots" were on were back like satin within 48-72 hrs. My buds started exploding in growth towards the end of that same 72hrs as well.


Coco itself can cause a potassium deficiency, if not thoroughly prewashed and aged. Usually increasing cal-mag will prevent the potassium already present in a nutrient formula from becoming unavailable.

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Great! Thanks for the advice guys, I’ll give it a shot

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