Pls help .2 much water or not


It’s not that its bad for it it’s just that i’m not familaur with it cause nobody really use’s it.
But for now i’m still sticking with my above answer


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thanks so much .
I have covered it with shade mesh .
misting .and water.
seems to have made massive dyfrence …
thanks again .
I did rite it off

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and sorry to tell .
yes I did . ad poo
but it was 2.3 years old .


do u take the burnt leaves off.or leave them.

If your leaves are crispy, might as well take the leaf. It will not likely recover. Looks like they are mostly on the bottom so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Horse manure is hot as a cake, 2-3 years old ?
What is it 2 or 3 ? It makes hell of a difference…
3 years aged would be actually wonderful and almost perfect, cucumbers love it, 2 years age - still be careful…

Yes You can cut burnt leaves. Only them.
Do you solve your problem?
Is plant better?
If yes I am happy. It is a big plant from which you can obtain a good yeld even if had that transplant problem

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She’s gonna be fine, man. Looks 100x better already



WOW, what a story in pictures of before and after. That plant really took off.

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yes looks much better .
thanks for you help

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yeah, no kidding. That is phenomenal!