Pls help .2 much water or not

hi there .
I have . a very sick plant.
not shure if to much water or not enough.

@ I’m just trying to post a pic

Hi Tripper,

Start by filling out a support ticket found here:

and of course pictures will help

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if there is too much water in the pot and you can drain it out or soak it up without disturbing the plant… otherwise post that support ticket and picture and someone will help you out!

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@Aquaponic_Dumme can you come back and look at what tripper has posted here. It’s an outdoor grow!
@Willd @BondPacker @Coltfire @deb1

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was in pot…
I transport it 1 month ago.
it just getting worse…
.now in ground…
pls help.
I think it’s going to die.

is a seed.
was in pot .
now in ground .
in the past i have over watered.
soil was mix ground dirt and horse pop…
last 4 days I have not watered…
this morning I put 1L of water.
5months old.

High, Just wondering if you knew the age of the new England cannabis conference at the hynes convention center. My son wants to go with me he is 20.

sorry mate I don’t know .
I’m from Australia .and summer .
30 deg at least everyday for the last month.
and for the next month.
for your time

transplant .because.
I thought was root bound…
and would go better in ground
just starting to bud couple weeks ago.

The transplant with the horse poo is going to give it nutrient burn ,horse poo in s a very hot ,and should only be used a month before planting , ,when you prepare your site and then needs to be watered daily , it is very high in salt ,which is what has caused the burn ,you see , all I can suggest is a very good flush for a few days and then hit it with cal mag , or maybe cal mag ,straight up , one of the others may chime in


how much water u talking.
thanks for your advice .I bet that’s what it is

Unless I am mistaken, horse pooh has a lot of nitrogen in it and cannabis does not use much nitrogen in flowering. Agree with @Coltfire trying to flush out the plant and go from there. Kind of hard to do in the ground but it looks like it is nutrient burned, most likely from the horse pooh and needs a flushing.

That is a beautiful trunk on the plant. You seem like the problems started at transplant. Was it outside in full sun in the pot? Jerry

With it being in the ground I would be putting the hose on it for a good ,22minutes only on a trickle, , but enough to get run off ,do this for a few days ,do not feed any nuts , the leaves will not recover but new growth should come through within the week

thanks eveyone.
started to die off soon as I put it in the ground …I dug a hole .
put a bit of old poo. and dirt.

and was always in full sun .
so iv just starting to dribble.water now .
we will c how it goes…ill do same tomorow
thanks again …
was looking very nice plant.

It appears to be in shock from being transplanted without first being hardened off. Seems to be suffering from drought as well. @Coltfire has the right idea with hydration. If you can filter some of that direct sun with a length of cheese cloth or 20-30% shade cloth.

Hardening off is the process of adapting a plant that has been grown under protective shelter - indoors or in a greenhouse - to full outdoor exposure. Over a week or more, the plant is exposed to increasing intervals of time outdoors so that when it is planted in the garden it can make the transition with a minimum of transplant shock

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When its over 30C every day my plants drink 6L of water every two days sometimes every 3. When its 40C they drink 6L per day. Im thinking your girl is extremely underwater if youve only given 1L in 4 days and its been 30C and sunny everyday

It’s a monster L O L … But i know what you are saying.
that is a classic case of either under or over watering. case in point

this pic is under watering

You said you just transplanted so you maybe under watering you plant i going by the size of your plant.
Next time you water you can help to prevent over watering you can add hydrogen peroxide to your water for extra oxygen,
all the while killing bacteria if any in the soil.

and this pic is over watering

I will say that your plant looks more like the first pic than anything else.
gave that plant some water and add some hydrogen peroxide ,

Remember how deep you dug that hole and that was how long ago and them roots have gone down searching for water so dump some water on the don’t be shy


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The problem can be of several factors.
Anyway root sistem is not big and good for a big plant as your.
I give you a fast solution.
Spray with only water leaves in all plant as many time as you can to help plant stay alive.
Or cover plant with film plastic like a mini greenhouse but control temperature don’t go hot.
Absolutely no give nutrients to your plant.
Only water when need. Do not overwatering .
Think what did you mistake.
Sure you have damaged root with the transplantation, or overfeed ground where you transplanted the plant.
Looking for rooting sistem if you can , only without damaging them more.

Did you transplant plant using horse pooo ? " PLEASE " tell you you didn’t.
I looked through your posts and didn’t see where you said that , but somebody is saying that you had and if this is true then that changes everything
is this true ?