Please, what's wrong with her

Planted 1seed each in 5 gallon bags with FFOF soil on June 12. Seeds are suposed to be Auto Alaska Purple. Watered frugally. Used 1/2 dose FF Veg after 3 weeks once (1/2 gal each).
The healthy plant grew as a xmas tree and other as an oak tree with lots of branches.
When they started flowering gave them 1/2 dose FFBB, 1/2 gal each. I don’t water until bags are light.
The spindly one started leaf burn on tips. So I purged it with water and elevaded its light.
Then watered both with water. I use rain water.
Each has its own Viparspectra p1000 light. They’re in a 3x3 tent with a

78 to 81 degree temp with 57% RH.
Its obvious that they aren’t both Alaska Purple
Just don’t know what to do with the leaf burn.

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Not much you can do about that. If you have a ppm meter it would help out.
As far as appearance goes, each plant is it’s own, probably a different phenotype. They can be two sisters from the same parents, but neither look identical to the other. But they are related.


TDS of 760


Your ppms should be around 800 so IMO I think your good there. How close are your lights?