PLease welocome our newest Grow Mentor - "Dumme"


Dumme has been extremely supportive and is an expert in all aspects of Cannabis culture.

He is n Aquaponics/Aquaculture grower, and his knowledge is not lost on that method alone. I have had long talks with our newest staff member, and I have learned a couple things myself.

We are lucky to have Dumme as part of the ILGM family. "D


Gratz!..For sure deserved


I’m the lucky one, this is by far the best forum on the web. Great support team @latewood,
@garrigan62, @Hammer, @MacGyverStoner, @Majiktoker, are the the guys I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with; you guys are awesome. Thsee guys go way over the top in helping people with their gardens.

I love the members here as well @ktreez420, @Paranorman, @FloridaSon, @Jheezy, @kabongster, @Blountville, @Donaldj …all you guys. This community is great, and really made me feel at home. Compared to the other forums, we care about each other, more so than I’ve ever seen, but if you’re reading this, you probably already know that.


Congratulations good job


I don’t think anyone deserves it more! So glad you joined the forum and now look at you! Killin it! I love the advice and knowledge you give us. I’ll always trust your words, and I respect your thoughts! The ILGM community is lucky to have you.


Woo Hoo good for you bud the cream always rises to the top as Dad used to say.:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Nailed it dumme congratulations


Congrats dumme


Congrats dumme thks for joining the fam


Congo-Rats man!!


Congratulations my brother from another mother


Congratulations :tada:


You do deserve it. Con grats.


Congratulations and a big Thank You in advance for all the help you will be providing everyone.:fireworks::tada:


A great addition to the team, well deserved, congratulations!!!


Congrats keep up the good work and great advice


grats Dumme


You rock @Dumme. Awsome mate. Glade to have you as a mentor. Ive learnd a lot from your posts and your advice is always understandable. Respect.


Thanks for the help


@Dumme, Congrats .great choice . talk soon .Hammer