Please tell my if you know about the fresh weed ripen time for the tincture liquid that i want to make

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.
I’m wonder if someone from there really read my emails because i 'm feeling like i have been answered by machine or so.
My question was simple and obvious and i 'm really trying for a real good simple answer from the knowledge of your experience and not from the automatic regularity of your work. Please tell my if you know about the fresh weed ripen time for the tincture liquid that i want to make.
Thanx again and i send you my love :slight_smile: G.P.
By the way here are the data that you ask for:

•    Strain (type, bag seed): They felt by themselves from last years tree that was a kind of albanian fem staff. They were three at number one like normal (and it was the reason for realizing both of three), one small and one extra small. It was strange because i left the last year tree in december with upside down roots in the air! I left the pot with the soil and the dead tree outside of my door with no light and no water for about a month and then i moved the pot without the routs at the roof. It states there in a shaded place for another month with maybe some water from rain until the beginning of last february where i did the realization and took the decision to save them. Since then they are growing until start of june were they start flowering via light handling until mid october. The normal one went normal like a bush, the middle one went thin and high and the third had tree stems !
•    Soil in pots, hydroponic, or coco?: Ready mixed Soil for vegetables
•    PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?: 6 +
•    What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: Natural dung / - / -
•    Indoor or outdoor: Outdoor
•    Light system, size?: Sun (not really full day)
•    Temps day, night: It went by the months with no more then 10 degrease celsius approximately deference between day and night.
•    Humidity day, night 25% to 75%
•    Ventilation system (yes/no, size): Natural air
•    AC, humidifier, de-humidifier?: Humidifier with a kind of conservatory with heater
•    Co2 (yes/no): No

If you are making tincture, I’d recommend that you dry until they are about 60% RH and then let them cure in jars for 4 weeks opening the lids several times a day to let fresh air in.

Once that is done, You will need to decarboxylate andthere are a ton of recipes for making tincture both here (the ILGM Forums) and on you tube.

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