Please tell me what I am doing wrong


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I’ve been growing for a couple of years and have not had any trouble until the past few months. I ordered your Blueberry 5 pack feminized. All my seeds germinated and grew to maturity. However all 5 of the plants developed female pollen bananas. And pollinated all 20 of my plants that were in my flower room. Obviously I had more than just the blueberry however the blueberry were the only ones that I noticed the bananas on. I’ve got my HPS on timers and absolutely no light leaks and my temp is controlled very well. Never above 85 and never below 60 Fahrenheit. I only use advance nutrients they are PH perfect so please let me know what to do different. I also feed with CO2. Seedy weed is not at all what I need so please please inform me on how to keep this occurrence from happening again.


You will definitely want to bleach clean your tent or area very very well it sounds like you may have had a male in there at one time in the pollen stayed in there with it but after each grill you definitely want to do a big-time clean unless you somehow stressed her out?


Perhaps you grew the 5 Blueberry plants too far beyond the end of flowering? Or maybe this strain couldn’t handle the high heat? I recently grew a feminized Blueberry and had no probs, but I was staying between 62 and 78.