Please tell me this is not bud rot

I knew this guy was in the bushes watchin :sunglasses:


Just seen the support ticket holy questions haha I’m on it!

I ph every feed to 6 - 6.2
I use filtered rain water starts at 23ppm 7.2ph

That humidity is a little higher then I like during this late in bloom.

She looks burnt a tad from feed but you way far along enough she will be ok. I would ease up on the nutes.

If you are worried about bud rot at that spot, you’re gonna have to get in there and see. Last year’s bout of rot was minor and I did not find it until harvest. It might have been from an infestation.

Anyways, get in there where the problem leaves are connected. If you see any dark matter or webbing, cut it out. You might be able to just cull the bad bud, but don’t be afraid to sacrifice a bit to save the plant(s).

I keep peroxide in a spray bottle for my buds and treat them once a week. I use 3% peroxide. Some people mix that 50/50 with water.


I just installed AC yesterday I’ve been running it and the dehumidifier constantly lowest I can get is 50% but I have to cool the room to 25C or lower to achieve that.

I have a 4 on 24-7 and an 6 when shit gets to high

the tips burnt a bit when I added some PK supplement around week 4. I stopped using it straight away.

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I have a really good speed controller can turn the 6inch down to almost nothing and up full tilt I almost dont need circulation fans. This tent is only small but 1.5x3 feet.

I’ma go make some 50/50 burgers now.
Moral of this story is…keep a close eye on it. Get in there and remove dead veg. Raise your temps if you can’t lower that humidity :metal:


Whats your PK #'s…Big P is a finish killer. and early will burn and lockout Mg (these are gay married). K is early to mid. kicker.

I stopped growing for a while just getting back on the horse trying out coco.
If I went anywhere near 900ppm the leaves went a shiny almost blue colour so I dropped back to 600ppm still looked over done so now the last week has been around 500ppm. Prob should have stayed at 600. Bourbon sounds like I good idea dont mind if I do, its 3 o’clock somewhere in the world I’m sure.


I used canna pk13/14 but no more than 1ml per litre and only for a week but I feel like she recovered from that now shes gone the other way. Or it’s just the plant on it’s way out doing its thing I dont know.

Au contraire my fellow hemp cultivator. Your plant needs air circulation. I only flower one plant in a tent so I can get good air flow IN the plant.

I have a fan at the top of my tent blowing down and circulating fans under the plant.

I also grow outdoors and our humidity is really high. The best I can do is defoliate and trim out any non performing growth.

Like I said before, I had one plant show “rot” at harvest this year. Last year I lost about 1/3 of my crop to bugs and rot. This year I lost less than 5%. Airflow in the plant and peroxide is the trick as far as I’m concerned.


yeah I said almost dont need circulation fans but I have 2 running constantly below canopy pushing fresh air into the centre of plant. I have experience bud rot before I’ve lost ounces in a dwc 4x4 tent. Hence why I’ve got a 6 inch extractor and 2 circ fans in such a small tent. When I seen those leaves dying my heart sunk not again I’ve done everything right this time. Checkout my new 5x5 tent on another post I’ve set it up the same witch 8 inch intake and extractor and 4x oscillating fans extreme airflow.

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Your plants look healthy as can be… teach me your ways…please lol
I’m down a few bucks on my new setup so it kind of has to make it to some kind of harvest.

Tent is too packed (nice nugs btw) and fan too small. If it isn’t bud rot consider yourself lucky. I don’t know what you can do to solve those 2 issues but that’s what it looks like from the picture.

I’ve answered most of those questions if you’d like to scroll up.

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