Please tell me it's not rot or mold?


Plants are outdoors and if anyone is near Pennsylvania then you know it’s rained non stop out here. I hope this isn’t rot or mold. It has also been in the mid 70s during the day and mid 50s at night. Any input is appreciated


It dose not look like mold to me. Could just have some purple pheno in it. When temps drop it can bring out colors. Keep an eye on it though. Does it smell different than the other parts of the plant?


I hate to say it but yep. bud rot/mold. I lost my whole crop to this crap a few weeks ago… I had basically the same conditions. I had humidity levels in the 80s - 90s If its not on any of your other plants Id get rid of this plant asap. It can move very easily from plant to plant.
A friend started using a leaf blower to dry his plants and shake them to get excess water off. my 2 cents… getting-stoned


its on the leafs too @butchbrooks


They all just have a faint smell and mostly just when I shake the plant or handle it in any way. But everything smells the same. Just noticed the color change yesterday and I inspect every day. Yesterday also started the 3rd week of flowering


id move this plant far away from the other plants. Just touching this plant then touch another is all it needs to travel, or wind etc


It’s in the stems to and there is 3 more plants in the garden that are showing some purple in the stem and leaves but are not in flower yet. I’ll keep my eyes on it and hopefully it’s just the temp. I had to harvest my wwa at only 5.5 weeks flower because all the rain grew rot in it. But thank God the rain is gone for at least 7 days it seems. Thanks sasquatch


That stuff don’t play. I went from 6 big healthy plants. to nothing in about 10 days.
That’s how long it took from when I 1st noticed it. If you start to see leaves wilting rip it up. I would move it away if you can…


You never wanna hear negativity but sometimes that just might be the truth. I can’t transplant or move its in a 20 gallon planter up in the mountains so I’d have to chop her


Watch it close my friend. I did a hurry up order for some autos to try and get something this grow season. They are 5 days old and Ill put them outside this weekend. Im still upper 70s to lower 60s right now. Its been a rough season for all …… In NC lost of farmers have lost crops to this crap… I guess when it hits a wide area they call it blight
Good Luck


Thanks again sasquatch. I have some more wwa I can throw in the closet if need be but was really enjoying my outdoor garden. The weather has been nuts for sure though. West coast is in flames and the east is drowning. Thanks for your knowledge


Bud rot happens in the last couple weeks. Just by looking at the picture I don’t see any because they’re too small. Big colas will get Bud rot from the inside out first. You don’t see it. When the colas get big spread out a little bit and look inside and if you see white stuff that looks like spider webs that is the beginning. And it don’t take long 24 hours maybe until it’s brown. You definitely are going to have a problem with humidity. You have to have 40% humidity or you will get Bud rot outside because you cannot control it. Wait till they get a little bigger and look for that white powdery mildew crap. And like I said it starts from the inside out if you are seeing it on the outside it is already destroyed the inside. I am no expert and I could be wrong but it happened to me and destroyed a whole crop before I even knew what was going on and threw it all the way while I was crying.


Awesome sauce brother that’s good to know. Thank you for sharing


I saw two people with a similar problem but not sure if they confirmed what it was.
Check out their thread, it was @Frenchiesu and @grumpyfrog.


Ours was just the color of the strains. What we thought was black turned purple and our plants are doing fine. Hope it helps!


Looking at your pictures I would agree with Sasquatch looks like mold to me. Keep a eye on it and don’t let it spread to other plants good luck happy growing.


Haha. Southern growers. I’ve got something similar on my blue cheese up here in Maine, because of the temp drop to the 50’s. It’s just the colors coming out due to the temp difference between night and day. I had the same thing last year on my Jack the ripper, I got some beautiful purple leaves, and buds from it later in the season. :slight_smile:


Pics do not show mold. If mold, it would be all over the white pistils…which are clean n healthy.
The coloring is on the stems and more indicative of a normal, for that strain, color change. Could be temps or just maturing of plant…OR…both together.
Don’t think you have a mold issue. Looks nice…


Same on my Super Lemon. Did not look like mold. Was only on one small branch of mine and nowhere else. I cut it out just because and has not shown up again.
If it’s was mold I believe flowers would have rotted off in a couple days