Please tell me it aint so!

tell me this isn’t what I think it is.

What? Where?

Are you afraid of a male hermi flower? I don’t see any yellow “balls/pouches” or “banana” looking things.


Yes, hermie flower is my fear. That thing just left of center, looks like it’s opening up. Maybe just paranoid. 7 weeks of flower today. I have read here about late stage herm and don’t think I want it. I haven’t seen any bananas but I’m still green. Thanx.

Nah, that is probably just a bunch of female calyxes “crowning”. As long as they don’t start to look a little like a ball, pouch, or banana, you are probably fine.

If you know what a tomatillo, or husk tomato looks like, they kind of look like what a tomatillo’s husk looks like, but instead of being filled with the green looking tomato tomatillo, it is mostly hollow and filled with pollen.

male is on the left and female on the right


Thank you sir. Here are a couple more pix, do they look “normal”. Phone cam, hand shake. Sorry.

Thanks again. I have gained a plethora of knowledge from you and wood.

It is hard to say, the bottom picture has one maybe that almost looks like a pouch pointing straight at me, lol, maybe. But I just really can’t say by the picture alone.

Here is a picture for your comparison, see how it looks more yellow and more “melon” or “pouch like” than the rest of the bud/calyxes:


Thanks, one way or the other I’m gonna teach it a lesson and " burn it down".


Can you explain this “crowning” of calyxes that you speak of. If one would find the dreaded pouch, ball or banana what do you do.

If you find a male part, you simply pinch it off before it has a chance to ripen and open.

Crowning is also called foxtailing. It can be genetic or it might be from too intense of light and/or high temps. It is basically a bunch of calyxes growing directly on top of one another and creates a long tail, crown or spire.


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