Please Slow my Roll

HELP!! So I’ve got maybe guessing 2-3 weeks to harvest my 4x4 tent (6 weeks since switched to 12/12) and I’ve got all 5 of my clones taking off in a 2x2 tent for 6 weeks now. Is there a way to temporarily SLOW the growth of the clones in a healthy way??
Any advice mucho appreciated :v:
First timer, 36 year admirer!

Strain- Purple Kush from ILGM

Method- Foxfarm soil- ocean forest I think. Super cali soil in bottom half of #2 only.

Vessel- #1 5gal. bucket, #2,3 fabric pot

Ph- tap water 6.8

Ppm- unknown

Indoor tent w/ 1 Mars-hydro tsw2000 led, small fan, small oscillating space heater, carbon filter (only used to reduce humidity so far) and 2 vent openings to let air in/out.

Temperature- day 79F, night 69F

Humidity- day 50-75, night 75

Co2- No


If all your buds look like the close-ups, you have more like 4 or 5 weeks. As far as clones go, sorry, I’m useless, haven’t cloned yet.


Lower light intensity and less watering, let them dry out more, untill they droop a little then water.
I currently have the same issue :confused:.
I got 9 clones and a huge mother in a 2x4 waiting for space to flower.
6 clones in hydroponics and 3 in soil.

It’s definitely not to easy to grow them slowly when we are use to trying to grow them fast as possible :rofl:

Can’t even see the ones in hydro and the mother is stuffed in :man_facepalming:


Cooler temps will slow those clones. When you go back to 80 they will explode again. 70 or so will show a noticable slow down with a drop in light intensity. Have had to do that before. Just what i have seen. Had 4 tents going at 1 time so a lot of juggling with several growth stages.


Maybe some supercropping? It’ll slow them down a little bit. Top em a few time? High light intensity will also keep them from stretching and make more compact nodes.