Please recommend seed starting soil

I can’t buy Fox Farms here in MA. What’s the best brand for starting seeds, that’s available here?

I can’t answer for Massachusetts, but for what it’s worth Fox Farms Light Warrior is available through Amazon:

Yeah. I ordered fro Amazon and they can’t ship Fox Farm to Mass

For seeds you want seed starting mix or a soil that is loose with no nutes. I use coco which has no nutes. Don’t use Miracle gro or anything that has time release nutes.


What brand is that?

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You should be able to go to any hardware store and pick up some seed starting soil. Just be sure to get one that is just plain soil, no fertilizers. That’s really what Light Warrior is - a nutrient-free soil.


I can’t go to any store right now because of Corona Virus. Need to order online. Can anyone recommend a brand name?

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Any coco coir works. I buy blocks from a company called MinutesSoil. Be aware tho that coco likes a different pH than soil so it also requires a pH meter and pH down, usually.

Don’t have ph meter. Would like to use soil, if anyone can recommend a brand.

Starter soils have some nutrients just not a lot.
They aren’t usually void of nutrients.
I use both warrior light and picked up some Whitney farms starter soil from Ace hardware

Coco is a whole different ball game than soil…

As far as the lock down…if the store is open…like grocery stores and hardware stores then you should be able to go there and get essentials like food and soil etc… those stores at least in Ohio are deemed essential so people are aloud to travel to them to get essentials

There are liquid PH meters for testing input of water/ feeds and run off and those are $12 up to $100 or more and anywhere in between.
I have these liquid meters

I don’t use them much anymore growing organic not using chemical ferts.

I use this soil Ph probe and love it.

For raising or lowering PH if needed these are cheap and won’t negatively affect the microbes in a living soil

Hope this helps

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Thanks. I can’t go to any stores because I am in isolation due to previous pneumonia and heart condition, not because the stores are closed. Lots of people very sick here in Massachusetts. Groceries etc are being delivered, and Amazon, and any other stores that ship via UPS or Fed Ex. It’s a pain, but better than the alternative.

I have lots of hybrid seeds from last year and ordered some good ones to try auto flowering. Don’t want to blow it by using bad starter soil, but my options are limited.

What soil do you have in hand at this time?
Other ingredients? May be able to make something up with what you have on hand?

Black gold makes a good seed starter soil .

why can’t you put on a mask and go to Walmart??