Please recommend light brand

hi at the flowering stage i notice my light is broken. three rows of the led are not working. could anyone please recommend a light for under 100 dollars. i am looking for a light that is great for veg to harvest. great yields. thankyou

Much smarter people than I will be along shortly. Meanwhile, I’d start poking around on amazon and look at the several brands of led lights.

You’ll want 50 watts per square foot of canopy. Look at the actual draw, not the 300 or whatever in the name.

@PhantomFarmer thank you. the timing is awful, but i have a backup light that will do for the rest of the flowering stage.

Horticulture Lighting Group, Timber Grow Lights, RapidLed

All have top-notch products, none are as cheap as Chinese junk via Amazon. But you get exactly what you pay for.


A full 3 rows, or just a few leds? Some lights have “ir” leds that look much dimmer than the others.

Best bang for your buck is going to be mh hps light you can get a 600w for $110.00

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@Drinkslinger yup a full 3 rows. thats why my yeild is going to be horrible. i am going to replace it with viper spectra. i really dont mind i paid 26 dollars for my first light just to see if i like growing. i do so i am upgrading to a 69 dollar model

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@ThcinKC had ur answer. That 600w mh will get ur grow on! But its kinda warm and pulls a bit of juice. Will grow great green and bud nice dense nuggets tho.

If ur sold on LEDs… depending on the space ur using and a few more bucks u can do something a bit… fancier with DIY’n as seems the new fad (grows insane buds as well tho)

There are a few ‘cheapchinese’ leds on amazon that are… not as high quality but will get the job done (as long as u dont mind a bit of blurple… i hate that crap :joy:) but i believe Roleandro and Melzien or something like that. The 300w (not REAL wattage btw) melzi is usually on sale around $55-$70. Now i wouldnt buy this light for me. Im using 9w philips currently and trying to build me a DIY or 2 in the meantime. But i know good growers who say ‘bang for buck’ they are decent.

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I have this, it pulls about 190w at the wall

And a couple of these that pull around 180w

And one of these that pulls around 110w.

In my opinion the roleadros are the best of the bunch, but their efficiency really lags. 180watts of an hlg quantum board would blow any of these out of the water.

When you start adding lots of mediocre blurple lights you start to realize how much electricity costs. Not to mention pushing whatever circuit you’re on.

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I have the meizhi at first great growers and real reliable lights. I have upgraded to the latest greatest craze and I couldn’t be happier with the QB boards. If you can afford just a tad bit more money I’m pretty sure you could get a QB board kit and blow your weed stock past what you could ever imagine

HLG, Timber, Quantum boards, RapidLED: all very high quality lights that give you near twice the light per watt of the Chinese lights on Amazon. If you want to buy lights, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

Bridgelux, Citizen, Samsung, Cree: All great sources of high quality LEDs, COBs, or strips. Combine with the right Mean Well driver and you can equal or better the four light company’s products. If you want to DIY and are good with wiring and metal work, read Lets Talk About DIY Lights thread.

They DO cost more but your electric bill could drop by half over cheaper options.


Exactly. I’ve been slowly switching over from blurple lights to qb’s, strips and cobs. The results have been better and my electric bill has dropped a little too.