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@Alton66 wanted to ask you. Do you want to continue our little contest here or in the other posting since this is your grow journal. Dont want to hijack it any and get people confused as to which plants are which? Whatcha think?




Hey that’s great that you like ghost hunting too.:+1: I have some equipment that I use. I have an SB-7 Spirit Box. It scans radio frequencies in order to lay a frequency floor so that spirit energy which is electrical energy can manipulate it in order to mimic human speech.
I also have a K2 meter and a digital voice recorder.

To answer your question ; URBEX is short for urban exploration. I love to explore abandoned buildings and photograph them. Spirit investigation goes hand in hand with it.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Let’s start a new thread somewhere for our contest cool?:slightly_smiling_face:
Hope your having a great evening!!!


Here are the plants this evening.
Quite a bit of growth today.:+1:


@Alton66 Yea, I do like it. Havent done much though I did do some in England years ago. No instruments of any kind. Didnt have really any built way back then. Those spirit boxes I have seen on tv shows. They work great to get replies to questions or getting any kind of verbal response. I have a digital recorder and been looking at getting a k2 meter. And exploring abandoned buildings is something I have done many times over the years. And taking photos as well. I am into photography though my recent photos of my plants dont show that very well. :slightly_frowning_face: For years I was mainly into portrait photography and did some weddings, mainly for friends and family. I wouldnt do weddings professionally. Hated doing them.
And doing our race in another thread is cool. Will start one and go from there again. Too much participation in the first one I did. :rofl:

My evening went okay. Been having alot of pain the last few days so havent been able to rest well. The doc wanted me to try another med. I didnt really want to, but figured I would. And side affects got to me. So stopped it, but it seemed to have triggered something and my pain has gotten worse. What I hate about being used as experimental dummy. Its like they are throwing mud and hoping it will stick with their meds.


There going nicely



Thank you !!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:




Damn, I’m sorry that your in pain.:slightly_frowning_face: I have some neuropathy in my feet that the doctors don’t know the origin of. I’m on meds and it’s as controlled as it can be.

I used to run trail races in Montana and Wyoming awhile back and still am able to run but at 51 I’m a bit more tired.

That’s cool that your looking into getting a K2 meter. I bought mine used off of E Bay Works great. :+1:

Wow portrait and wedding photography! :+1: That’s fantastic!

Approx 15 years ago I had a very large camera collection. Close to 400 of them.

Now I have five. Some vintage Minolta rangefinders and my much newer Yellow colored Pentax Kr DSLR.

I hope your feelings by better!

Have a great rest of your evening or day when you read this.:slightly_smiling_face:


Good morning !!

Here are the plants as of this morning.

Everything is looking good.

My next watering will be either tomorrow or Thursday.

I’m going to add a quarter strength application of General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus as well as the usual cal/mag. I always add cal/mag with every watering due to using distilled water.

I’ll be updating either later on today or tomorrow morning.

Have a great rest of your day everyone!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Your welcome


KGood morning everyone!!!

It’s a good morning here on the Jersey side of NYC.
The plants are looking really good and are growing at a rapid clip.
I believe adding Re-Charge for roots has given the plants a solid root base thus far.

The soil is fairly dry approx half an inch down.
Tomorrow marks five days since I’ve watered so it will be watering day.
I’m going to give the plants some Floralicious Plus by General Hydroponics as well as some additional Re - Charge.
Since I use distilled water I’m also adding Cal/Mag. More specifically General Hydroponics Cali/ Magic.

The majority of the plants are moving towards their third leaf node so early next week I’m going to be transplanting them into 3 gallon grow bags. Their eventual home will be seven gallon bags.

On the fourth node I’m going to top them and start LST.

Talk to everyone a little later today.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s what the plants look like a few minutes ago.


Looking nice!! :green_heart::seedling:


Just wait in a couple more weeks they will be light years ahead. They grow up so fast :slight_smile:

Any particular reason you aren’t going directly into the 7 gallon? I ask because I had 3 gallon plastic pots I moved mine over to before I knew how awesome smart pots were and I just recently moved them to my 5 gallon smart pots and it wasn’t a pleasant experience (for me). Ripped some roots by accident, dirt everywhere. Not saying don’t do it, but usually you want to transplant as little as possible.



Hi !! Yes they sure do grow fast!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

The reason why you would want to transplant several times is that it’s easier for a small cannabis plants roots to get the right mixture of air and water when they’re not waterlogged in a big container.

You would have to water your plant in a large container in such a way as to soak the entire medium thus causing a lack of oxygen to exist therefore stunting the plant.

I will have to stay on top of the timeframe from when I transplanted into the three gallon grow bags to the seven gallon so ad not to damage the root system :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hi! :sunglasses:

I totally understand your reasoning and I’m by far no expert. This is my first grow ever. I just read a lot here and it seems what I gathered is a lot of the experts transplant once from solo cup to their forever home. I also thought that part of the appeal to using smart pots was good oxygen flow even when medium is wet.

Hey @bob31 how off base am I?


There cranking


@Tylan not off base at all.

Autos because of their short veg seem to do best if sprouted in their forever home.

Photos I use quart containers for sprouts then to a 5 gallon for indoors or a seven outdoors. Transplanting can be a very stressful time for the plants. Minimal transplants imo work best and create less stress.


I also germinate then straight into their forever home for the auto strains. Stress in no good for the autos. :sunglasses:


Good morning everyone!

Today is watering day. I’m also going to install one of the permanent grow lights inside the tent.

I’m receiving the other light on Friday.

It’s utilizing two Cree CXB 3590 COB’s with a built in dimmer. Total pull is 200 watts from the wall.

I’ll take a photo of it once it’s delivered.

I’ll talk to you guys in a couple of hours. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hey…good luck with those lights. I get mine Saturday looks like. Got two of these for my race grow. The price was good, and in my price range. I figure to use these and a suplimental side light, the T5 at bloom time. What I understand the additional light is needed as these dont have all the light needed at bloom.

Question for you. How long do you figure to veg yours? Or are they autos" Dont remember now. Thought they were fems.