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Hello everyone!!

Good Monday afternoon to all of you! I hope everyone’s day has gone well so far. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Today was feeding day.

It’s week two, day three of veg.

What I fed the plants is as follows;

House & Garden A-B for soil, General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar, General Hydroponics Cal/Mag, General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus and Re Charge mychorrizae.

I PH’d to 6.0 with a PPM approx. 600.

I’m uploading a couple of photos of how everything is looking so far.

For those of you following @cyberblast and yours truly’s competition journal, I’ll see you over there as well.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Everyone have a fantastic rest of your Monday.


Hello everyone !!!

Happy November to you!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Today marks week two, day five of veg.

Yesterday I did some more LST to the plants in order to open up some exposure to light to the lower areas of growth.

The’ve responded very well.

Currently they are sitting in 3 gallon bags.
I’m thinking I’m going to transplant into seven gallon bags this next Monday.

Here’s a photo of what the plants look like as of this morning.

Everyone have a safe and blessed Wednesday.

Talk with you in a bit.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Nice bushy little girls!


Looking very nice :+1:


@daz49 Hey guy, hadnt heard from you in a while. How is Wales this time of year? Any snow yet?
How is your grow going? Hope okay. @Alton66 's grow is going great. He is looking to put to flower in another week or two. Mine I think will be going in a week or about then. My main grow is in flower now. Week 1. Looks good cept had a problem with nutes. So having to mess with that.


@Alton66…great looking grow ! Just read the whole post… (waiting in for my rhizotomy procedure)
Looks like you off to a great start…


Right on @Alton66 lookin good👌🏼


No snow yet but really cold, I’ve just split the stem on the gold leaf and super silve haze and harvest in a couple of days and the white widow and strawberry kush should be in the next month, how’s yours doing


@daz49 Good hearing back from ya… Surprising that you havent gotten any snow yet. Have seen it snow at the coast there in October before. But its going to vary every year.

Let me know how splitting your stem helps the gold leaf. I am growing one of those in my main tent and looking forwrd to it growing some more. Its in the first week of flower and is blossoming great. One you dry and condition, let me know how you like it. But make sure you tell me how spliting the stem helps or not.

My other plants in my main tent are a OG Kush and a white widow. Great minds think alike,:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


yeah sometimes it snows early on in the year but this year has been very wet in wales,if you want to check out the stem splitting on a gold leaf ,you should check out my last grow ,i did just a gold leaf it was called ,goldy a gold leaf tale ,and she grew fat big buds on her and i split her stem to


@daz49 I will check it out. Sounds tasty for sure. Would love some big tasty buds on this GL of mine. Still got 4 seeds for more too. yummmy. But am out of room. Growing in my small tent some bag seed or I think was bag seed. Started 4 plants and all are female. Go figure. Should have been at least one male out of the bunch.

Definately going to split my girls stem. yum yum yum.


i had 4 cola’s that were 17inches long on their own ,i must have got about 10 oz dry weight from her


@daz49 4 colas 17 inch.??? WOW!!!. That is fantastic. I have about 6 primary colas growing on my lady. So hope she does the same. And a bunch of smaller secondarys. She really bushed out after I did an original FIM and then LST’d her branches after she recovered from the FIM.

If I get 10 oz from her I will be happy as the dickens.


Getting bushy man!! I can’t wait till i do my indoor grow


@daz49 I will post a photo of my main grow tomorrow. The buds are looking great on my GL lady. Am amazed at how big a couple of them are on her. Already forming a couple bigger colas that I was just looking at. Looking nice.


i’ll tag you in my gold leaf thread


@Myfriendis410 @SmoknGranny

Thank you my friends!!!:slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you!!:slightly_smiling_face:


@daz49 okay my friend. Thanks


Hugs :hugs: my friend