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Well hello!!

My name is Vaughn IMG_8135 it’s great to meet all of you!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

All of you seem so friendly and willing to get to know one another. Because of this I’ve decide to hang my hat here as it were.:slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t grown cannabis since 2001. That’s a little while ago. I used a 600 watt HPS in a bedroom I converted into a grow space.
Now in the fall of 2017 I find myself on the predipice of an exciting adventure using a 5 X 5 tent and some serious LED wattage.

I have been a hardcore heirloom tomato grower as well as competing in giant tomato growing. I’m thinking most of you grow other things besides our delicious five fingered friend.
I’ll fill you in on all the details of my almost complete setup including photos starting tomorrow.

I have planted my six seeds yesterday.
Three AK- 47 and three Northern Lights purchased from this fine site.
Thanks again for being so kind and helpful here. After reading many journals and posts I already feel I know some of you.

Until tomorrow have a beautiful evening!!!:slightly_smiling_face:

New seeds coming!
Skygrow 300w light?

Welcome @Alton66 This is great place to hang your hat! I dabble in veggies too, not competition level by a long shot but I grow some awesome tomatoes to slice on toasted Italian bread with some mayo and salt and pepper and managed to get some canned as well. Can’t wait to hear about your set up and see girls enter the world. Wishing you the best ~ AB


Hi AnneBonney!!!

It’s great to meet you!! Thanks for the warm welcome.:slightly_smiling_face: I’ll be sharing a lot of photos and asking a lot of questions. LOL.:smiley:

Thank s again and have a great evening.:slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome. Six plants will keep you busy, but your experience will make it easier. Looking forward to reading about your grow.


Hi @Alton66! Welcome. If you haven’t yet; stick your head into “Thoughts from the Morning Garden continued” and introduce yourself there too. I look forward to seeing your beautiful tomatoes and cannabis!



I like the sounds of serious led wattage, what are you working with for lights?


Tr 33 and My friends, thank you !!! Yes I will introduce myself there.

Dbrn32 , I just purchased an Optic 6 which utilizes 6 50-watt CREE CXA2530 COB’s and 96 supplemental 5-watt Bridgelux and Epistar diodes. It pulls approx. 650 watts from the wall. I also got an Optic 1 which is a single light fixture single 54-watt CREE CXB3590 COB. I bought this to use for seedlings and clones.
In a couple of weeks I’ll be getting the final piece of the light lineup which is a Lush Lumenator X2 which will be using in conjunction with the Optic 6 to fill out the 5 X 5 tent.

That’s my light lineup thus far. :slightly_smiling_face:


HAHA my kinda intro @Alton66

You will fit in well here. Oh and don’t mind me, I post from my padded room most days cuz the boys in the white coats let me :crazy_face:

Right now I am having a mental breakdown over a nitrogen def. But life is good and the night is upon us…which I prefer.

Welcome sir


HI @Alton66. Looking forward to your grow. I grow some veggies in this god-forsaken rocky prairie soil and on my first MMJ grow. These great people are amazing with their knowledge and help!! Currently @SmoknGranny and I keep @rodri59 locked up in her padded room most of the day but when we sneak out for a smoke she gets into the internets whilst we aren’t looking! We are really just a bunch of dirty old women who like bud porn. Bwahahahaha


LOL I am sneakydeekie HAHA


Welcome to the forum can’t wait to see what you’re able to do :wink:


Hello and welcome @Alton66! Looking forward to watching your grow. :smiley:


They look pretty nice! Starting to be quite a few of these fixtures showing up with higher quality led’s, at a reasonable price. I’ll definitely be following along, best of luck!

I’m not a huge fan of the dual lens stuff, but that kind of is what it is. It does tighten the light beam provided from the diode, but you also lose quite a few photons asking light to pass through two layers of anything, polycarbonate usually.

Assuming you got the single cob light in a somewhat colder temp for veg?


@Alton66 welcome to this great site. I am a relative newbie to the site and growing weed, and in the past was an avid gardner as well, though my efforts outside with my crops I manged to grow weeds…not the smoking kind. My health kind of made it pretty difficult to do much with my garden of veggies. My favorites were tomatoes and squash. Since I moved to the area I am at, the climate has bamboozled me for my gardeninng efforts. The heat, humidity and the weather along with the insects pretty much took care of my efforts. Just wasnt able to figure things out in time. So now, my efforts are pretty much indoors. On my first canabis grow with 4 plants. Its a fascinating hobby. And the benefits are going to be worth it. Growing to reduce my dependence on mainstream meds and doctors. :ambulance:

The people here are wonderful. Any help you need on your grow and you will get it. Same day. Doesnt get any better than that. And boy, did I need help. Dont know how I managed to get good crops of veggies in years past. Mostly luck, I think. :crossed_fingers:

Good luck on your grow, and keep us posted on how its doing. As others have said, 6 plants are going to keep you busy. 4 plants are plenty for me as a fledgling grower. :man_farmer:


Hi everyone!!!

Thank you all so much for such an incredibly warm welcome!!

I know many of you asked me some questions and I’ll answer those as we go along cool?.

I live in a northeastern state where currently things must be kept covert.

Over the past five months I’ve been gathering the equipment necessary to carry out a quality grow.

I received the first of my lights a few days ago. In an earlier post I gave a detailed account of what the Optic 6 and Optic 1 are.
I chose them based on reviews , research and by asking a lot of questions over the course of a couple of months.

The remaining light I’m purchasing is a Lumenator 2X by Lush Lighting. I’m using the Optic 6 and the Luminator in as 5 X 5 tent. The Optic 1 being a single Cree COB fixture is currently being used for the seedling stage and later will be used in a small tent for cloning.

My goal is to have a perpetual grow using a tent for veg, one for flower and one for clones.

As I work from home I’m able to be on top of things almost all the time.

I’m going to attach a photo of the Optic 6 and Optic one that I took after I unboxed them. Another couple of photos are of the germination chamber I’m using.

Thanks you guys for being so awesome!!!

I post again a little later today.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Have a great rest of your day!!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Who you calling “dirty old women”, surely not us?


Hi Smok’n Granny!! It’s great to meet you!!!:grinning:


Hello @Alton66 welcome many fine people here to help if you need. I bet competing in giant tomatoe grows that you have got some good knowledge. I urge you to go for the bom club (bud of month) I look forward to following along with your grow…happy growing


I will happily take that label and :running_woman: with it @SmoknGranny !!!


Yeah, you’ll fit right in if the terrible trio approve hahaha!