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This is my first time can you help me please should i keep my babies like that or wait till they grow little and only keep in each pot the prettiest and cut others thanks and regards

It won’t take long for the roots to started trying to take each other over. Your prettiest plant could get choked out before it even gets a real chance! Easiest way to start multiple plants is in red solo cups. Try to get them in some if you can.


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I’d use a knife and cut the little dish into 3 pie pieces. You shouldn’t hit any roots. Then very carefully transplant into their own pot. Ditto for the big pot, you might lose one of the two middle-left, but give them all a chance! If space is limited, then keep the best.
Happy growing!


Thanks sirs

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Should be able to save them but definitely separate them.
I recommend transplant into final containers. Less you transplant will less the chances of shock delay
I try to do only one move of possible.
Happy growing!!

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If you go the solo cup route be sure to put holes in the bottom and even on the bottom outside rim. It needs to be able to drain.
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If they’re all the same strain you could arguably leave them all in the pot together. Problem is your yield would be the same whether it’s one plant or six all sharing one container. The most common reason I see growers throwing lots of seeds in one pot is to pheno hunt - the best/most vigorous growing one tends to overtake the rest.

May as well try to separate them if you can.


welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: You have selected a wonderful and addictive hobby


Thanks mens

Hey here is an upgrade after 3.5 weeks any suggestions please

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Photos with the grow lights turned off will help us spot any issues easier. As it stands she looks fine, but the purple hue may be masking problems. :v:

Yes, what G said👀

Leaves look like indica is showing, love the chubby girls!

@Bezvids So curious how you did separating them…were you able to transplant them into their own pots? How many do you have now?
What’s showing is looking great! I love fat-leaved girls!