Please look at my leaves and advise

Is this normal or a problem? Some of the leaves look a little darker and curled.


Looks like the beginning of nitrogen toxicity. Do you know your runoff PPM?

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Curled leaves are usually a sign of lighting issues. Darker green in flower is an indicator of excessive nitrogen.

Is this an auto? Single and duck footed leaves are a sign of either autos or reveg.


Yes. Some of autos.

What do I do about high nitrogen levels?

It’s not too bad. I would just stop feeding nitrogen products for a week or so.

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No idea what that is.

Fertilizers with nitrogen in them. What soil are you using? Is it Miracle Grow?

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Black Gold for half the plants. Happy Frog for the other half. My husband said he reused soil from our zucchini plants for one or two of the plants. I was not happy to hear that especially since we had bought Happy Frog just for this purpose. Wonder if that is why some of the plants look a little dark and heavy.

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What’s the best affordable (under $30 USD) soil tester?

You could flush out the soil to rid of the excess nitrogen levels and then feed pk only for the next 2 weeks.

You don’t need to flush and you don’t need to freak!
The plant looks great!!

There’s all kinds of advice flying around here with actually very little info about what we’re talking about!

And I’m not trying to bash anyone’s knowledge of growing or any advice given, but how can we offer sound advice based upon scant knowledge?

Some strains ARE dark green, is that nitrogen toxicity? What are you growing?
What soil are you using? I think it goes without saying how much of an effect this has on plant growth.

Without further information I’d suggest plain ph’d water a couple of cycles then maybe half-strength nutes?

Again, that plant is just fine!

Happy Growing Everyone!!


is that tricomes on the leaves?

Yes, it is.

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I’ll be the first to admit we jump the gun diagnosing often, myself being culprit bumber 1. But……

Absolutely this. The reason u see support tickets flying all everywhere, is u can almost never have too much info.

The nutrients you have been using, and what ratios would help alot. It does SLIGHTLY favor a bit of N tox from the pic, not quite enough to demand a flush, but enough to wonder ur runoff and whats going on in the rootzone.

TDS/PPM/EC pens are all over amazon. Easy to use, and cheapies work fine. $10-12 will save u more then the money’s worth of headaches.

The pH pen however is more sensitive and valuable, thus u may wanna bump the cost to $50-75 and get you an Apera 20 or BlueLabs device.

Both will improve ur knowledge and likewise help others help you better

As to ur issue, I would not panic/flush without more info. Straight water for a week then reassess more then likely