Please look and diagnose

Okay here are the stats - 5 x 5 tent; Growers Choice E620 full spectrum led light; autopots with coco and perlite; Fox farm hydro nutes @ ½ strength; calmag @ full strength; water ph 6.38. These germinated on 6/12. Anesia Seeds Future #1. These leaves just started looking like this this morning.

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Canoeing leaves can be caused by watering issues, improper pH, or too much light. Do you know your runoff pH? That said, they look a little young to be having pH problems if you are not overfeeding. How close is your light to the canopy?


It is probably a little low maybe. It’s at 60% and is sitting about a foot from the plants

I would back off the light a bit and see how it goes. The plant should respond pretty quickly (24 to 48 hours at most.)


My husband just said it’s about 18 inches. (I have no spatial awareness)

… but we did wonder yesterday if we should raise them a bit

The nodes are pretty tight, which tells me that it is getting more than enough light. I would back it off to 3 feet or so if it is currently at 18 inches. You may have to raise it a bit more, but 3 feet is a good start to see how she responds.

It is a powerful light, so it’s possible to have heat issues as well, which can cause canoeing too.


Thank you so much! I will try that!

The other thing is - I think our humidity is too low - it’s around 50%

50% is fine at this stage of growth.

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Okay! Cool thank you!