Please let me know supplements I need for my selections

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Please let me know supplements I need for my selections? I’m buying hydro system through Amazon. I still need to germinate and give seeds headscarf. Do you have supplies for that? Also, what size enclosure should I use for largest crop using all seeds?

Im a soil guy so i wont make any recommendations on nutrients @Donaldj Is a good resource for that
As far as enclosure that depends on space you have for growing more info is needed
Also what type of lights are you planning on using
May I suggest you join us here on the forum
And start a thread
Name it setting up first grow or similar and wait for all the help you’ll get
Heres a few suggestions and option to get you started

You can use the panda plastic if your converting a existing space

A tent is a good starter grow space

Ehaust fan a charcol filters

Just a few suggestions


I would suggest Advanced Nutrients ph perfect line for hydro.


If @bob31 is recommending the one above it’s probably fairly good for the money.