Please id my plants

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I had ordered 5 trainwreck seed last spring and planted them the beginning of december 2017, of the 5 seeds 4 plants came up which was awesome but there was only one trainwreck plant i think and three other plants that i have no idea what they are, can you please help me identify them…


What makes you believe they aren’t all train wreck ?
If you ordered from iglm they are most certainly all correct fyi unless you mixed them up once you received them with other seeds you had ?
I general all the plants in pictures look good
And like people siblings dont look exactly alike and plant even from same strain can look a little different


Phenotypes can differ so much even if the seed came from the same plant


Plants are like children. Even though they have the same parents, everyone of them will look different. :sunglasses:


And much like kids they seem to be happy and healthy does it really make a difference . Now your job is to raise them to be the best mystery plants they can be.


You might want to take a clone from each and label them. Then when you are smoking their mama’s bud you can find the best one and continue growing that one’s clone. That’s how people find a good phenotype and continue to raise that one. Just grow that clone out as your new mother plant and don’t let it flower.

Cloning is EASY. My very first five are all doing fine.


I thought the same with my AK-47 but found out that just because they don’t look the same doesn’t mean that they aren’t the same! Genetics and phenotype’s play a big role in their appearance!!! (that’s what I was told) Plants are look’in good!!! Since you bought them from ILGM I guarantee you they are the same plant!!!