Please....I need to use this TRIM somehow HELP

I have 70grams of trims full of thricomes, super high density - I pressed them a little like this and put them in the freezer.

Any homemade way to make hash?
Haven’t the bag for the ice bubble hash method.
Haven’t got the thing where you put them and get the kief at the bottom.

Only 70 g of trim in the freezer, after cut fresh:
Hope I’ve note done a bullshit because I’ve searched everywhere if was good or not to feeeze them and how to use them to make hash and only found the two methods above.

And the alcohol method that if I recall, create a veeeery small amount of cannabis pure black oil.

Is that the case?

All the trims were full of thricomes, Those are the plants

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You can get a bubble bag on amazon for less then 20 bucks. Just get the 120 micron bag and wash it with ice water. That’s the easiest method. You can use the same bag and grab some dry ice as well. That’s the easiest way to go about it. Making hash anyways


Personally I don’t find shaking sugar leaves to be worth the effort. Sugar leaves will produce only about 20% of flower FYI: might look into doing butter or tincture instead. That’s what I do.

Bubble hash with dry ice is superior to any other method although some prefer the 73 micron screen for it.


@FromNoob2Expert From the looks of your bag, you froze fresh leaf, not dried. As such, wet methods must be used. Wet bubble bag (but you don’t have a lot of trim) or I’d suggest QWET method with Everclear to make a tincture or pour the extract into a nonreactive and nonstick lined aluminum pan to evaporate the alcohol. Be careful when using solvents as you don’t want to be Richard Pryor or burn your place down by using electronics or flame nearby. Look up QWET on the web and Oil Slick for creating a non reactive and nonstick pool liner for your aluminum foil baking pan. If you want to use the result in edibles, it will need to be decarbed after the alcohol is gone. You may wish to add some of the lesser buds to your trim to increase the THC volume and potency.

Try watching this you tube video. May give you some ideas.

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