Please I need help with nutrients

Please I need suggestions and help with decent nutrients for the vegetative stage thanks for the help in advance

Fim, train, and defoliate when necessary.

Dim? What is that

What about nutrients at this point what does my ratio need to be for instance I know I won’t work right now but I have 10 1010

Your soil is rich in nutrients, by adding more you risk destroying your plant

OK cool what is fim by the way

There’s a bunch of training techniques in there that you should familiarize yourself with.

What soil are you growing in currently?

One of them is in straight black cow and the other is this.

@Myfriendis410 this is the soil

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You may or may not run into trouble with that soil. The ingredients are good but the PH has not been buffered for cannabis which causes lots of problems later on.

The rule of thumb with cannabis is: if it looks good don’t do anything! Adding nutrients is something you want to do sparingly if at all.

The best thing you can do at this point is provide the best environment possible and I would strongly suggest you start with a good digital PH meter and TDS meter. The 2 most used tools in the gardeners toolbox.


What kind of problems Kennett soil create for me later on down the road I’d like to know

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The plants are able to manage a wide variety of soil PH’s when they are in veg but once the plant devotes all of it’s energy to flowering it becomes sensitive to soil/media that is outside of it’s range. The nutrients that are primarily responsible for the plant’s growth are Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. These are soluble in water at a certain PH which in the instance for us is between about 5.5 and 6.5 give or take. Soils not specifically engineered to maintain that PH will drop down in to the low 4’s which then causes a cascade of problems.

I’m not trying to be pushy but like what kinds of problems and what type of soil can I change to, Please I need all the help I can get him used to growing outside

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Pick up some 7 gallon fabric pots (Amazon, local grow shop) and some Fox Farms Ocean Forest. This soil is buffered for cannabis and should give you fewer problems.

The plants would tolerate being transplanted with no problem should you decide to do that. I would add some Mykos to the root zone for a bit of additional help.

You can do a soil slurry test of the soil you have, assuming a good PH meter and distilled water at which point you could decide on what to do. You also can buffer your (low PH) soil with dolomite lime but you need to know what your current soil PH is.

As to problems; diseases brought on by a compromised immune system, low bud mass, low flowering weight, poor root growth, temperature intolerance, root rot, stem rot, mold, insects etc.

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I only just re-planted them in bigger pots on Friday with the soil I mentioned, They were in red solo cups with straight black cow from seedling that my friend gave me and again I’m used to growing outside right now I have them under a cheap grow light I bought from Home Depot it was 15 bucks, All I’m trying to do is keep them in a vegetative stage until the weather gets warmer then I’ll take them back outside, and let nature do it’s thing

This is the lightbulb I bought let me know your opinion

So if I replant and Fox Farm that you mentioned I should have a little to no problems and when I transplanted them on Friday from the solo cups to the pots there and now the root system was amazing it was tons of roots and they were all white really good looking

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I’m not going to say you won’t have problems (sort of goes with the turf haha) but you will have soil that won’t give you problems like I described. Your current soil may be fine but without knowing it’s hard to say. FF is designed specifically for cannabis.

Buy a digital PH meter and TDS meter, seriously. The fabric pots really help with moisture control.

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OK understood what is your opinion on the lightbulb I sent you a picture of I believe it’s full spectrum

It is not suited for what we want to do, unfortunately.

So; here’s the deal on lights: you really need cannabis-specific lighting to do a really good job. The state of the art is the Quantum Board and similar. They are several times more expensive than the blurple Amazon lights but pay for themselves in energy savings alone, not to mention growing better weed.

Any time you see something that says “Equivalent” start backing up. There is no such thing in lighting. This is all marketing hype.

So; to answer your queation; I don’t believe it’s worth the effort to install that in your grow space. You would need a bunch of them just to get through veg.

With incorrect lighting the result is loose airy buds and low yields, slow growth with lots of stretch between nodes etc. That square footage IMO is the most expensive piece of real estate I own so I want to intensively grow there. Using high efficacy lights reduces my electrical demand and outperforms almost everything else out there. Seriously.

I was at one point running over 1,400 watts of blurple lights before I did a diy build using Samsung EB strips in 3,000K: now I typically run the same square footage 4 X 6 X 6 with a max of 720 watts and in reality more like 600. I’m currently vegging one plant under one light set at 125 watts and am fighting to get it to grow UP haha.