Please help yellowing leaves and tip burn

They had 5 sets of leaves but the 2 biggest sets have died so just left with 3 sets of the small leaves.

Here’s a trick I’ve learned on nutes . I see your using Canna A&B . Take a gallon of pHed water and add 1tsp of your A and check with your TDS meter write down what you get on cap of A bottle. After a good stir of course. Then do the same for your B. This will give you a good idea how much to use. Where your at I would say you want an EC of .3 to.5 or ppm of 150 to 300 hope this helps.


Helps massively mate. Thank you for your input. Will keep you posted.

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Looks like @tee3737 got you covered my
friend. Hope all gos well for ya



@tee3737 iv done the test with the canna a & b as per your instructions at water phed at 5.8 and the results were as follows

Canna a came out at an ec 0776 and the ppm 0388
Canna b came out at an ec 0560 and the ppm 0278

Do i ad these results together and then work out how much I should be mixing per gallon?

Also how much should i give my babies. Should I water till run off?

Thanks very much for you help by the way. Very much appreciated.

You got it… With those numbers it looks like a 1/4 tsp of both in a gallon will get you there. Feed every other watering and as she increase in size you can slowly bring strength up till you reach an EC of .8 to 1.0 or 400ppm to 600ppm. This is a good strength for veg. :cactus:

Do you think they are ready for nutes now mate. The cotledons have turned yellow and look like they are about to drop. Not sure if that’s because of the nute burn tho.

When the cotyledons start to die off is a good sign its time to start feeding. If after first feeding the tip of leave turn brown back off on strength of nute solution. I would target for the low of the numbers I gave you and work your way up.

I will give it a try. Thanks for the info.

You bet :relaxed: also check run off strength on second watering to make sure your not getting a build up of nute’s in your coca.

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@tee3737 just fed my babies 1.25 ml of each a & b and 2ml of rhizotonic to 1 gallon of 5.8 phed water. The ec came out at 0532 and the ppm 0275 so hoping this wasn’t too much. The ec slightly high but below the 300 ppm so fingers crossed.

You should be fine just keep an eye on tips of leaves for nute burn. The rhizotonic is what I’m guessing brought you a little higher on the ec. :cactus:

Iv read it doesn’t affect the ec but raises the ph so I phed the water after adding the rhizotonic then added the a & b afterwards.

@tee3737 just watered my babies with 5.8 phed water and watered till run off. I tested the run off and the ph came out at 5.8 but the ppm came out at 1500. Is this right? If not what does this mean?
Thanks in advance.

How are the babies looking are the tips of the leaves turning brown?

No mate plant are fine. The ppm coming out at 1500 is alarming me tho.

Are you using RO water or Tap water. Tap water will have some ppm reading to it .How much depends on where you live.

No mate I use tap water that’s been sitting 2 days.

Have you check to see what the ppm’s are on that water.

I was just reading over are last few text and was wondering if that was your second feeding when you checked run off ppm’s.