Please help, yellow leaves at the bottom

Hello everyone, this is my first time growing, i noticed few days ago that the 2 leafs at the very bottom became yellow ( you can see in the photo)
This is a auto flower after a month from germination…
It has good fabric pot with soil mix and I water it with blooming nutrition every 2-3 days when it feels dry, the plant looks great except Those leafs in the bottom.
Thanks guys.

Hi - @Ronkkk

Can you post those in regular light? The blurple masks the discoloration.

Uploading: 55F67BBE-AD24-4C8E-88C2-7EBD7C021B23.jpeg… Uploading: 9B159E61-8F91-44CB-8618-BD6338D41FC1.jpeg… Uploading: C0EEF35B-BABC-41EB-BDE5-F0FD4CE2BE12.jpeg…

Typically plants start to yellow off at the bottom during flower. What I see is nothing to be concerned with. Although, your humidity looks pretty high for flowering.

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Hi, thanks, it was raining here a lot in the last 2 days so the humidity is high at the moment…

Extended High humidity during flower is bad. Hopefully it drops quickly for you. Do a quick search here on bud rot/ boytritis, or white powdery mold. Trust me you don’t want it.


It is 100% natural for the 3 point leaves to turn yellow and fall off. I see ZERO else to worry about. Just a sign to start her on nutes. Your humidity will be higher right at the surface of your soil too. Make sure your letting her dry a bit between waterings, but it looks fine.

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Thanks mate.

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