Please help with trichome evaluation

Here is a picture taken with Inskam 312. Not completely sure what i am looking at.

Its super blury. When u get pics of the trics try and get on the bud meat not the leaves around the bud. Trics change on leaves faster. Basically looking for tgese guys with tge color of ur liking

These were almost done at the time.

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Thanks for your response. What equipment are you using? I am unable to get my phone to work with my microscope and so am using my PC. As a result i am unable to use microscope in my tent and I am hesitant to cut off flowers to test. I am looking for a stand alone digital microscope that will allow me to capture images from the tent and then upload. Any suggestions?

Amazon has some fairly cheap ones, around $20. I have one, but it is tough to hold steady.

I bought one. The inskam 312. Complete POS

I got a Jiusion digital scope. Works with my phone, and was easy to set up. Just tough to hold still. Need to fix up some kind of tri-pod.

Iā€™m sure this will bring different opinions of what other people look for and like. @Mark0427 has a great pic of what to look for but the color at harvest time is up to personal preference.


Just rip off like a 3/8" piece off a lower bud to get a close idea this way u can use ur fingers on the table as a tripod and u get a pc to sample flavor in a bowl few hrs l8r.

Happy cake day @Woodrow

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Too blurry to say for sure. Are the buds well formed with dark pistils? This looks like VERY immature trichomes. I have a zkittles just about to flower and it has the same on the fan leaves.


Got a better pic. Still not great. Looks like im starting to get some cloudiness. This forum is great!!! Thanks to all!!

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Looks like several weeks to go.

I will cut a small sample from a bud to check trichomes. It is such a small piece you will never miss it.

Granted they are not as nice as pictures taken on the plant. Same plant a couple days later.

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Watch for the buds to shoot more white pistils. Often they will keep putting on layers so that there are dark and light pistils at the same time. Your latest pic is still mostly clear trichs so it will be a while yet for top shelf status.

Thsnks for the input everyone. will wait a week and retest

New pictures one week laterSnap_017 Snap_017
What do you think??

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Also this is a multiple plant grow. They were all started the same time. Do i need to check each plant?