Please help with this stunted seedling. Whats wrong?

Girl Scout Cookie
5 gallon grow pots
ILGM seedling fertilizer 1/2 teaspoon/gallon solution
Vivosun VS1000
70 degrees F
humidity 50%
hurricane inline duct fan

I planted these seeds May 1st. The healthy plant looks very short and squatty to me. The other one has been stunted for 3 weeks.

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When did you last water?

2 days ago. I have lost several seedlings by overwatering so I’ve tried to be super careful. I watered each plant with approximately 6 oz.

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@awgarner be careful not to overcompensate in the other direction now. They look real dry.


Shes hungry. Shes in a big pot so remember the soil gets drier quick.


So the stunted seedling died, but the larger survived. It is pictured here. I’ve struggled with tacking leaves almost through the entire grow. Now there is clawing, which I’ve read could be due to nitrogen toxicity. I gave the plant a 1/2 gallon of plain water 2 days ago and I’d like to flush again, but it takes forever to dry out and I don’t want to overwater. The nutrients I’ve used are the ILGM protocol. I was using nutes every time I water until about a week ago. Because of the tacoing I moved the LED light to the top of the tent with a 25% intensity. Any suggestions would be welcomed!


Looking great