Please help with this question

Oh ok, yes those seeds, will.only grow female planys and yes they will start to flower no matter what light cycle. I am growing some white widow autos as well. Just give her some time and she will begin to flower before you know it. What kind of bulbs are in the t5? For veg you want a more blue spectrum light around 6500k and for flower you want a more red/yellow spectrum around 3500k I believe

Also what size is the light you are using?

T5 bulbs are fluorescent lights likely tube lights @Hawkeye_diesel

Oh ok, I’ve never used them before, which is why I called you in for some assistance

Guide him lol ill guide you and hopefully he will look over my posts lol :slight_smile:

Happy growings both of you


Good copy brother

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It’s my pleasure to help, I’m also not having the best day, but bear with me and I’ll get you squared away and If I can’t, I know growers who can brother. Now I known some growers use fluorescent lighting as supplemental lighting on the sides. So yes the fluorescent light should be fine, but what is the size of the light? Also yes the lighting doesn’t need to be cut back, but they might benefit from a little rest time instead of light 24/7.

I usually plan on 5-6 weeks before an auto will flower. I saw the first signs on my Blueberry autos at 38 days.

Everything’s gonna be alright…

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This helped me, im growing autos as well



hello again hawkeye. my plants look exactly like the first picture with the
little leaves in the corners of the branches. i am using t5 florescents a
four bulb four foot long set about 250 watts i believe. i have a feeling
that these questions are pretty lame but i really appreciate all the help
youve given me. also are the t5s all i need i heard that i need another
light with a blue spectrum to increase yield. i dont have a smart phone
only a dumb one so i cant send you a picture but the two plants are about a
foot high and very full with many branches.

If they look like the first picture, the up closer one, then your plant is showing signs of pre flower. How many watts total do you have for the one plant?

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If you are one month and on your white widow’s just hold on because it’s getting ready to start going crazy mine is -50 days old-ish after the first 30 days that’s when they start flowering usually


my light is 250 watts i guess and i have it right over the plant. hopefully i am just being a little impatient. i think im gonna just let it go and hope for the best. im gonna let it go one more week and then cut back to 18-6 on the lighting. i cant believe how much fun this is. ive never been a gardener or a plant guy but this is really fun. i thank you so much for your help you have helped me with my worried mind.

if my plant looks like that in 50 days im gonna freak right out. that girl is beautiful


Just give her some time, and she’ll flower an produce for you


The best advice I can give you is be very patient if you can be patient that will be your biggest pay off