Please help with stretch


Hi I’m growing Jack Herer in a tent under leds. I was busy mainling not thing about the height of my tent, I used to grow in a much taller tent. Now my problem is the stretch. I’m running out of room in a hurry. What can I do to help keep them from over frowning my tent? I know from experience that more blue light can help and keeping the light as close as I can. I’m also trying to keep the day night temperature as close as I can.They went to 12/12 on 10/15 so a way to go yet. Any feedback is welcome and thank you very much!


Hey there @Ronbowe63

One thing you could do is super cropping. Basically bending the tops over.

You could also devise a scrog screen and lay it over the plants and begin scrogging (training) the tops to grow around and under the scrog screen.

Good luck and keep us updated!!


Too late now, but apparently running the lights down from veg time to 12/12 in steps will reduce stretch in many cases.


Yes @Myfriendis410 has it right. No topping fimming or supercropping after you have flipped them. The stress usually doesn’t end well lol. Always wait 2 weeks after stressing them to flip them.


Eek, running out of room 8 days into flower on sativa isn’t good at all!

I don’t have an easy fix, but something occurred to me while looking at your pics. You have a pretty tight canopy from looks of it, and will probably have to do some pruning of underneath at some point maybe? Anyway, I’m wondering if a moderate trim underneath the canopy some wouldn’t stall them out for a bit and level them off? You typically wouldn’t want to stunt them at this point, but it may be better than running them into the lights.

I’m guessing, never done it. Not on purpose anyway lol. Maybe @bob31, @Countryboyjvd1971 @Myfriendis410 or @Screwauger have some thoughts?


@Screwaugerp Thanks for the replies.I don’t want to stress them Hermies are not good. Do you think if I Low Stess training them it will help with stretch?Im sorry I didn’t get the other people who posted when I went to put people in it only allowed me to pick one name.Not used of this posting stuff yet. Happy Growing All!!


Honestly, This is a predicament! @dbrn32

Before I give any advice, I’d like to know how tall the plants are from the ground to the very tops.

Also what size are the LED lights in your tent? That way i will know how close the tops can get. If we know the wattage of the lights we can determine how much room you’ll need.

Can those lights go up at all?



This might sounds crazy but topping them will stop your stretch considerably. They might grow a little more but not much.

I know this goes against standard thinking but I’ve done it before while running out of room and never had a plant hermie on me because of that. I’ve had them hermie from other factors but never from doing that. The later into flower this is done the more yield that is sacrificed. You don’t have to go far down the stem either, in fact you don’t want to, the more of the “top” you can keep then the more areas designed to support good bud structure you can keep. I did it just to halt growth, in that spot where you top you will get two large buds form.

I’m not saying this is for you but it’s an extra option.
Btw, I had to do this on pure sativa, 6 of them


As @bob31 says those lights might be able to move up more than you think. I actually looped the two cables over to the other anchor point to gain another 6-8 inches. My sativas did that to me too. Just when you think they’re done… they just keep inching… @Ronbowe63


Thanks, they are 35” from bottom of tent,19”” from soil.The lights are 135watts from the wall I have them 12”” from the tops. I still have about 8-9 more inches to raise the lights.TDubWilly do you have any pics of the plants you topped?


@dbrn32 Thanks I may just try removing some lower fan leaves to hopefully help with stretch.The funny thing is I used to grow under a 400watt hops and I never had issues with too much stretch, maybee 10-12”” on a 2 foot plant, although most didn’t have as much sativa as this one. Anyway we’ll figure it out,I’m a redneck so we get it done. I will even turn my lights on ther side if need be,Thanks again for all your feedback. I can’t seem to figure out how to tag more then one person at a time using the (@) Ps I’m on an I-phone.Happy Growing Everyone!!


Oh ya, I misread and thought you were out of room lol. No reason to get drastic at this point, my apologies.

Glad you have it under control, hopefully they will settle in and be fine.


Nah man, I don’t I’m sorry.

Man I’m not really on here to try and give far out advice. Just to share my experiences.

I had a fellow grower tell me just the other day after I complimented how well I thought he grew and his response to me was he just had a willingness to try anything. I can say, experimenting has been my greatest education, well beyond what books can teach.

Marijuana seems to have this guideline that everyone should follow when growing. Well that only got me so far. Me always wondering “what if…?” has taught me more than anything.


I thought he was out of room also, did I miss something?


As @bob31 schooled me, just type @ and their name in your text. I could be wrong, but I see 2 LED lights. 2 times 135 watts of LEDs is going to have to get a lot closer. The other light gurus can chime in. I learned you really need at least 40 watts/ sq. Ft to stop them from stretching


I’m very sorry if I misled anybody to think I was totally out of room. Im just concerned because they have still got about another week before they finish stretching. I know I’m not running enough light for the tent it’s about 37watts/ sq ft.TDubWilly I am with you on experimenting love it.


You can supercrop, thin foliage in the first two weeks after switch to 12/12…not recommended after that… @Ronbowe63


@Ronbowe63,i saw nvclosetmed grower crunch the stem an let it hang down,i was in shock but tried it an had some huge knuckles but they survived an are actually my biggest tops atm,i wasn’t sure if you could do this at such a late stage an wouldn’t recommend it as am learning still,i also got rid of the straps that came with the light an zip tied it to the poles at the top giving me another 6 your light as high as it can go?.looking amazing :slight_smile:


I agree with @aussie123556 I supercropped my current grow in flower now in the first 2 weeks after switch…these plants are huge 8 plants take up a 10’×12’ room this pic was from 10/16 and they went into the flower room on 9/19 they are doing great…I was also going to remove my hangers to gain about 6" but didn’t need to because super cropping went so well… I’ll tag you into my thread and you can check it out… here’s a pic of the plants on Oct 16 @Ronbowe63


You can also take clones in those first 2 weeks here are monster cropped clones taken in first 2 weeks after switch

Point is people do this all the time and super cropping helped me with my height restrictions @Ronbowe63