Please Help With Squatty Plants

This is my second White Widow grow. The first I used an HPS light set at 200 watts for veg and 400 watts for flower with 4 plants and the plants grew normally. This time I’m using a T8 with 4 4’ 32 watt bulbs, 6500k, 2750 L each bulb 3" above the plants. The plants seem healthy but are short and stocky. They are 5 weeks old since sprouting, 3 weeks in a solo cup and 2 weeks in 5 gallon smart pots. Lights are on 18/6 and temps from 62 to 75. There are 4 plants total and the tallest one is only 4" tall and there’s 4 sets of branches about 1/4" between nodes. Should I raise the lights or go back to the HPS or just let them grow?


Just let them grow by the sounds of it every thing is good, it sounds like that’s naturally in the strain, cooler and moderate temperatures =short bushy plants, hotter more arid climates=tall airy plants with less leaves and branches

It depends on you , seem like the T-5 made them more full and short and if you flower them with the HPS at that height , they will stretch some but should really pack on the buds .

Thanks for the replies. It sounds like they are growing fine. I forgot to post the pictures so here they are.



Your welcome yes they are doing just fine lol

Lookin good