Please help with soil 1st time GSK auto

Pretty lost. Been watching videos but still. I ordered the GSC autoflower from here to start out. I understand autoflowers need different nutrients. 420 scene youtube vid This seems like a good plan but not really sure. Or I understand i can buy water only living soil and then top off? not sure which is a better plan or if there is a better way to go for my seeds. Thanks.

Autos don’t need differnt nutrients, just a different schedule before flower. They can start flowering anywhere from 3-7 weeks after sprouting, sometimes sooner or longer. A lot of growers use Jack’s Nutrients 321 schedule. It’s Part A, Epsom Salt, and Part B. Same ratios start to finish. It’s cheap and forgiving.

Many growers have started using a dry, organic 2 part amendment system called Earth Dust. Simply add x amount if Base to your soil, and cook it, or let it sit, for 2 weeks before using, to activate the bacteria. Then a few weeks later, top dress with Boost, then another a few weeks after. It’s a water only grow, no pH’ing required, just make sure the water is dechlorinated.

Hope this helps! Good luck and happy growung!


Living soil is the way to go in my opinion. Here’s what I do that works great for me. I use happy frog mixed with perlite, worm castings, and fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 per the instructions on the package. Then top dress with the fruit and flower after 6 weeks, then once a month after that. That’s it other than ph’ing your water. I also use a little bio thrive bloom during flowering. It’s organic as well.


How much perlite/worm castings/ FFFF do u add to a 5 gal pot? can i plant the seed right in this mix after germination ?

about how many quarts of the happy frog would i need for 2 - 5 gallon pots?

I just use the instructions on the package’s. You can start directly, but I prefer to use a solo cup. Some do, some don’t for autos.


Hi @THCMaker44 , I use FoxFarms Happy Frog soils for transplanting my sprouts. I sprout the beans in jiffy peat pods, wait for their first set of leaves to show, then put them in HF, but you can start seeds in HF without them getting burned by soil that is “too hot” with a lot of nutes. No additional nutes required on HF for 4 weeks, just water, and watch her grow. I buy the big bags of HF and can fill 2-5 gallon pots with it pretty easily, but I will add some diatomacious earth to the soil and mix it pretty well, almost kinda like aerating it, then compact it a little bit for top dressing later (with ocean forest) during flowering. DE helps control bugs and provides silica for strong plants, so a win-win. I transplant my plants into bigger pots right before flowering, though, so I do not need to use nutes right away, only when the plants are about 4 weeks into flower. I have used this method for over a year now on my standard grows, and have had good success. Saves on worry, money for nutes, and guessing when it is the right time to start adding nutes. Good luck! We are here for ya!

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