Please Help With My Plants

I have a few outdoor plants. Two of them have issues and hoping someone can shed some light onto the matter. Included are 2 photos, one of each plant

Pictures of the whole plant and a support ticket would help us, help you.


Here are pictures of the full plant. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

What’s the soil? The nutes, temps,watering schedule. Pics are great but the details give the full picture. I would say just from pics she was fried in the sun and over watered but without the details it could be anything.


Is that the same plant?

Can you fill out a support ticket?

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• Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths

• PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

• Indoor or Outdoor

• Light system

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No, the pictures are from 2 different plants and appears as 2 distinct issues. In one plant the edges are browning and on the second plant the leaves are loosing color. I have other plants in the same situation that are doing fine. It is just these 2 plants

This is outdoor grow in Southern California
day temp 85-95; evening 65-75; full sun every; average humidity 35-65%
planted in soil in 20 gallon pots
don’t recall the soil type but both plants have the same soil
I don’t know the pH but again both plants have the same soil
all was great with the plants but problem started 2 weeks ago
feed with Tiger Bloom fertilizer every 2nd or 3rd feeding

If the issue started when the Tiger Bloom was started you may have a PH issue. Same thing happened to me. FF lowers ph by quite a lot. Also bear in mind no two plants are the same or react the same to different circumstances.

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I’ve been using Tiger Bloom on alternate watering or about 2x/week. I thought that was the schedule per Fox Farm website. This started about 3 weeks ago not and has affected the entire plant. I’m even seeing new leaves around the but with brown tips.

When I do any type or research the symptoms look like either too little or too much fertilizer. My guess is perhaps too much. I’ve been adding coffee grounds to the soil so perhaps I drove the pH too low. I just hope the plant lives long enough to harvest some buds

Are you testing the pH of the nute solution just before watering it in?

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Can you perform a Soil Slurry test that is the only way to truly know what’s going on with your root’s…5.8 to 6.4 is the Ideal range for cannabis above or below that things become locked out and unavailable to the plant. I personally would start with that before anything else that way you understand fully what your dealing with. Hope you have or can gain access to a digital ph pen and also a TDS pen would not hurt this will allow you to know where you are as far as nutrient’s.


I have once just out of curiosity and I recall the pH being low (acid) but I have not tested the soil and not exactly sure how to do that. Can I test the run-off water?

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Adding most nutes, especially fox farms, will drop your input pH far too low. You must adjust it prior to adding it to the soil.

@GreenFlex is correct. Do a slurry test.


As @Drinkslinger said^^^ Only thing I will add is this is all dependent upon your starting water supply…for instance I installed a whole home filtration system and after that my water from the well out of the faucet is 8.4ish so i add whatever amendment or solution wether it be nutrient’s or calmag+ or Blackstrap molassis AND THAN PH to proper range which for me only requires some distilled white vinegar to take me from 7.4ish to 6.3ish than feed. Understanding and adjusting PH of even just water itself is vital to the root system of the plant because it enable’s the solution to be readily available to the plant through the root’s. I hope this help’s

I made a slurry and then ran the mix in a centrifuge (I have access to one) and tested the water at about 6.8. So I don’t know if pH is my issue.

Is it possible for the plants to get too much sunshine and or heat. We have had 90 days of pure sunshine but the past few weeks the daytime temp w\here about 88-93. I’m wondering whether the heat and too much fertilizer could be the issue. For now, I’m going to just water it and hope that the remaining leaves are healthy enough to complete the budding cycle. It has a number of buds but all but 1 are still smallish.

Yes. Both of those can be bad.

Too much heat can fry plants. If you let them dry out too much (to the point of wilting), even though they may spring back after watering,often times the leaves will look scorched like yours.

Too much fertilizer could also do it. Measuring runoff ppms/tds can give you insight into that.

pH 6.8 isn’t terrible, but it’s on the high side. Some strains tolerate high pH better than others.