Please help with my Plants, I think am losing them and can figure it out

so i started these 25 days ago and all was well until a few days ago Plants started to show spots and now some leafs are drying up and crispy. at first i thought it was calmag issue so i did a reservoir change and added a little extra calmag but now they look worse than before.
I am running 3 17gal totes for plants and 30gal res DWC with basic general hydro nutrients with calimag, hydroguard, and rapid rooter as well. PH has been between 5.5-6. Using 3 2000 watt LED lights on 50% about 24in away. temp is 75 and humidity is 51-55. What am i missing?


Just found this, mold? Root rot? Maybe i should turn fans up

Doubt I’ll be much help, but others might want to see a shot of the roots if you got one.
Oh, and the EC, and maybe water temp.

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sorry i thought i attached picture to last post, water temp is 66.3 and ppm is 640s


and i did have the rapid rooter starters cover with hydroton

Well, until somebody who actually knows something comes along, I’ll just comment on my observations as a (R)DWC guy. Nothing here is gospel :grin:

I’ve never used rapid rooters before, just rockwool. Are they supposed to stay wet like that?
I never bury my rockwool and keep them even with the top of the netpot. Then they can completely dry out by this time, so rot doesn’t set in at the stalk. The second pic especially looks pretty wet, but pics can be deceiving.

Since all the roots are pretty much coming out the bottom, I’m guessing your water level is near or below the netpots, but if it’s still that wet up that high, maybe the cube was buried too low?

You’re using GH Flora? For curiosity, what Micro/Gro/Bloom ratio are you running?

yea that is what I am starting to think as well hopefully there is a fix for this bc I really don’t want to lose my girls. And yes I am using Micro/Gro/Bloom

using r/o water 2 ppms starting
basically added my armor si first 1/4 tsp/gal
add calmag to bring ppms up to 200ish
add micro 1/2 tsp/gal
add bloom 1/2 tsp/gal
add rapid rooter 2 tsp/5 gals
then add grow until i reach 600ish ppms
as far a ratios i this i use twice as much grow and the other two.

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What’s the air gap between the bottom of the net cup and nutrient solution? Adjust the solution to be approximately 2” below the net cup, what’s the reservoir solution temps and are you you using a root inoculant like Hydroguard or Southern ag. Root rot can occur on res temps above 70 and the 2 mentioned above help prevent this :love_you_gesture:

Yeh, about all you can do is lower the water level even more, or…
Looking again at the pics, it looks like 2 - 4" stones at each plant?
That could be throwing too much water up high and saturating the cube as well.
Just some thoughts…
Also your GH mix might be a little weak if you’re doing photos, especially the Micro.
GH calls for a more even ratio of a tsp ea of Micro Gro and Bloom by week 2.
I run about half that for autos, but even then, I’m doing some Super Skunks right now that need the full dosage.
It could just be some root damage causing the lack of nutrient uptake though, so not really sure I’d strengthen the mix just yet, just commenting on the difference.

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Target a PH of 5.8-6.0 and EC of 1.8-2.0 (PPMs 900-1000) check your Res PH daily and make sure the air stones are providing a lot of bubbles :love_you_gesture:

Roots look perfectly healthy, just drop the nutrient solution 2” below the net cup and keep the res solution temps between 65-70. If you don’t have a chiller, rotating frozen water bottles in the res helps :love_you_gesture: