Please help with my grow

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I enjoy smoke or vape and I actually use it to uplift me and deaden my pain so I can work without the pain mostly. Just started getting equipment to grow my own in 2’ x 4’ x 6’ closed Grobox made of wood lined with mylar using air cooled 400 watt hps/mg light setup using 6 bubbler buckets. Not interested in self flowering seeds but definitely female seeds. Not sure what else you would need to know but if you need more info please feel free One other thing you could help me with is the correct order to set my inline fan and light up in. Googled and read multiple ways and of course everyone is an expert but I’d rather get an expert to tell me. Big debate 9ver pushing or pulling air. Here is what I have to hook up. Hepa/carbon filter, inline fan, air cooled light housing, which side should i hook to 1st where bulb is mounted or other end, a muffler and i think that is it. If you could explain going from left to right that would help. I wanted to put everything inside grobox but am now thinking of putting hepa/carbon filter outside along with the inline high speed 6" fan but I will follow your guidance. I am giving you my word that I will order the type seeds you think will work best for me since you reached out to me and I’ve always had utmost respect of your opinions. Thanking you in advance. I have 4 unknown plants growing now under 55 cfl bulbs all 6500 lumen and getting ready to switch to flowering in one week.


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Typically, you’d want the airflow coming in low, near the bottom of the space. Then drawn into the filter, across the light through the fan, then out of the space.

Also, six buckets may be too much for this space. Two would fit nicely.