Please Help With Leaf Spots

This is a Gold Leaf Fem
It is 46 days old.
It’s in NFTG #4 with natures living soil mixed into the bottom 1/3 of a 5 gallon pot.
I’m watering with 6.5-6.8 ph
I started using cal mag 2 weeks ago.
I have given 1 compost tea.
Any ideas what the issue is?
Potassium perhaps.
Any help is appreciated.

Magnesium def and likely N def as well.

Are you using a digital PH and TDS meter when you water and feed?

What exactly is your feeding regimen and under what lights exactly?

I’m using a Blue Labs PH tester.
They are under a SF2000@18”
I have only given them one compost tea.
Watering when dry until slight runoff

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Excellent. Do you have TDS too? It’s extremely useful.

If you aren’t yet dosing with cal mag it’s time to hit them with it. Assuming your media is in the correct PH range, your plant is telling you it needs some base nutrients and so on. This will only progress and none of those leaves will recover. If it’s caught early enough it should recover but beyond a certain point you have to look at new growth for improvement.

Signs of calcium def as well.

Not sure what that is. PPM tester?

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TDS: Total Dissolved Solids, measures in EC (electrical conductivity) and is converted into a reading we can go by: PPM or parts per million on the 500 scale.

I have another Blue Labs tester that came with the kit. If I can figure that out, I’ll report back.
Is the natures living soil not enough for a photo grow?
I watered with cal mag today.
What works for a N boost?
I’m hoping to switch them to flower soon if possible.
Thanks in advance.

These are in the tent with 2 auto in flower doing ok.
There are 3 fems in veg all starting to look like the GL.
Should I separate them from the autos?
My hope was to flip the fems when autos are done.