Please, help with 1st seedlings not growing

I planted 2 seeds, kept them in water for 1 day, they both sprouted.

Then I transfer the seedling into a Rapid Rooter, and I used Clonex rooting gel inside the hole.

The seedlings grew quickly for 2-3 days, they came out of the Rapid Rooter, but it’s been 1 week without enought growth. Both seedlings look the same size every day, I don’t see any noticeable growth.

I am keeping a temperature of 75-78 with or without lights. Humidity is between 50-60%. The lights are 18in above them (1 CFL lamp @2.7k and 3 LED @5k.)

Using distilled water, and watering daily. PH is about 7. Beside some Clonex on the root, no additional nutrients were added, since Rapid Rooters should contain needed nutrients.

Both seedlings are not growing straight up, they are both bent to the side.

Why are seedling not growing straight up? Why I don’t see any growth (almost no difference from 3-4 days ago). Isn’t cannabis supposed to grow at faster rate?

The plant is now 1 week old since sprouting.

See pics at 1week.

@Hellraiser its water i think

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Am curious to what the roots are doing in the RR, I would think trying to find more solid/stable soil to latch on to, and why use a cloning environment and gel for seeds?

Growth is stunned for sure.

Go call tagging Hellraiser


How much are you watering? Because those rapid rooters look soggy and it looks like there’s standing water in the bottom of your pan.

The one on the left looks done. The one on the right looks close. I think you’re doing too much.


Yes, way too wet, those things should be moist, not soggy wet.

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Thank you all. I’ll reduce the amount of water, and update you!

@Hellraiser: it’s cool how other members summoned you, and magically you appeared here. Thanks!

I am new here, it’s cool to join this helpful community. I appreciated the quick responses, this intervention might save the plants.


Everyone wants to help, we just want people to succeed.


Yeah, its a great bunch of folks here. I might also add, anytime your plants are stressed, like now… you can reduce light intensity. One thing plants will do when water or excess heat or light is happening is a turn and hide response. So while you deal with the soggy pots there raise or even shut off one of the lights, they are babies after all.

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Thanks for your advice. I’ll post more pictures within few days. Let’s see if we can save those seedlings!