Please help white widows looking sick

I have 2 white widows i grew from seed that I ordered through this site . they are veg now for 2 months . All of a sudden they not doing good . Might have watered too much when I watered to run off ? Is that ok? I feed once a week and water in between but only when dry. Did I burn them with nutrients ? Or get a bug or pests . But only these 2 plants are affected.
Also I have a bubba kush that has been looking droopy I attached the pictures
Mahalo for your help!
image image


What im seeing is good levels of most things but probably a potassium deficiency with cal mag deficiency since those 3 work together (those dark tips might also be phosphorous deficiency) as for the droop could be overwatering plants that size should be working with roughly 1/2 a gallon every 3 days I judge dryness by the weight of the pot and as always make sure your ph meter is calibrated so you are phing right

I have been pushing 650ppm with the coco a b in soil. I think that might be too much for vegging with a 12” plant. Should I add more cal mag? I’m going with the recommendation of 3ml per gallon . Thanks so much

Are you using tap water because you should subtract you’re base ppm to find out proper ppm of feed which should be around 600 but I see perfect nitrogen uptake and uneven tip burns which means it’s probably not nute burn

Yes I’m using tap but thru a garden filter attached to hose and I only water when pot is light . I might have over watered 6 days ago my bubba kush was dry and watered till had some run off. 6 days later still wet ,Is it a pest ? I did see a few Leaves with a hole

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Check the underside of your leaves for pests but I personally don’t see any hints of pests

In my experience you’re not going to overwater a plant that size by watering to runoff and waiting six plus days without watering again…

Now they are looking better but leaves still yellowish and they are canoeing? Anything you suggest ?

Curling inwards could be a sign of dehydration (I know switching back and forth between to much to little) are your pots light to pick up then they need water

How close are your lights? What’s the temp in the canopy? I am growing 4 white Widow clones from the 2 I grew from seed, and I had to pull my lights up a bit in veg because they were canoeing just like that. A little light adjusting and monitoring the canopy/leaf temps, and it should go away. If not, then could be a humidity issue as well.

Thanks for the info . I also noticed a huge change when I raised the lights up​:call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4:

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