Please help what do you make of this

i found 3 of these at the bottom of a plant in vegetation is it the start of male as the plants are cuttings from female plants

Hard to say for sure being off the plant and pic quality could be better but it looks like a calyx (spelling) to me not a ball pod

Can you get some close up shots of the plants node sites and at least one of the whole plant in natural light?

That would help


my same thoughts, swollen calyx.


calyx ,what is that

I’m trying to find a pic for you but running into roadblocks

It’s a normal part of the plant and as it develops, it shows the sex of the plant

If you google search anatomy of cannabis you should find images that show the parts including the calyx

They are typically at the stem, where branches have developed. They will have nice white hairs, usually 2. That’s the plant saying, “I’m a little girl”.

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They are little nodules at the node of the plant. Little balls at the base of a stem. They also make up the majority of the flower of the plant. Female will show a pistil and males will show bunches of pollen sacks that look like bananas.


thank you guys and girls

You are welcome and never hesitate to ask if you have questions, lots of helpful people on this site

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yes thankyou ill upload todays pruning work and trimming

i have also uped what im feeding them too they are on a ppm of 1200


Damn my friend, you are not effing around! :grinning:


no pal i can not aford to mess about things need paying for and there are not enough work hours to make the money needed. so ive put almost all i have into this and with every finger ,toe crossed and the help from you guys im hoping all will come good.i really do appreciate the help.

also i have just noticed that my light cycle was on 16/8 in stead of 18/6 will that be why they have took a while to veg and get big

Nah, that discrepancy wouldn’t amount to much

Probably just the plants doing what plants do, driving the farmer mad by taking so gd long

well they are taking there time and i always think its a problem
i suppose it will get me through these really hot days

I know what you mean, the waiting is torture and it seems like they are literally just doing nothing

do you think 1200 is too much

Is that your run off ppms?

no thats what i feed them

Yeah, honestly I don’t know
I’m kinda new at this and offer advice on limited things and that ain’t something I’d feel comfortable advising on at all but @Hellraiser , @FullyMedicated and @PurpNGold74 would have better insight into that for sure