Please help! vote to harvest or not!


my mates dad is trying cut cut these babies down the tricomes are still mostly clear! @TDubWilly @Covertgrower @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin
borderliner xtrm

@garrigan65 heres the picture he was asking about



cookies kush below





@Sasquatch @Nug-bug @Donaldj opinions boys?


3 weeks is my call


If that’s the case I would wait till you have some amber color to them
Show and tell them this then they can decide


Definitely let them go longer brother
Your friend wont be doing him self any justice if taking them early
Looking like another two weeks or so left imho


thanks bro, their so stubborn. i just need 10 of your opinions so they’ll listen!


Well here’s the thing and i get it if they have nothing on hand to smoke the last weeks are the hardest
Ive been known to take a plant down early for that reason?
But definitely want to wait for all milky tricombes at the min brother


ok bro thanks ill show them. but how many weeks with your experience and in your opinion? can we do a poll??

  • Ready
  • Not ready

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well now you say that there is terrible weed around atm, but its been 7months in the making whats another 3 weeks right. can you do polls bro?

  • Done
  • One week left
  • Two weeks left
  • Three weeks or more left

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no way to tell from those pictures @Mickanooch you need some close ups where you can see the tricomes on the buds. that’s why I posted the picture. Time of harvest is going to change the high


lol didnt see quick enough


guess we know what @Countryboyjvd1971 thinks lol


You can also make a poll up
By going to settings screen the little sprocket

Last option if for building polls fyi