Please help unsure what's wrong

So starting a week ago I noticed these burn or rust spots all over the leaves. They don’t rub off on my fingers and I have switched to flowering feeding I have grown for a few years and never have seen this one plant just has "rust spots and another has the same spots except also yellowing and wilting leaves but it’s not dry. And my PH is at an acceptable level it’s driving me crazy every day I check them it’s worse

I would say it’s a nutrients issue but I’m no pro. I’ll tag some people in that grow outside that can probably help you diagnose what’s wrong. Just give them a little bit of time to respond and you’ll be set! @HippieRunner @Deez

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Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

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Yup you bet buddy! You’re at the best place to learn and with awesome people at this forum! This place has allowed me to become a decent Grower then I’ve just started out.

My plants definitely wouldn’t have made it this far if I hadn’t had all these great people here helping me out along the way. The one thing I’ve learned that’s the most important out of all this is having patience!

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Very nice looking can’t wait till I can achieve the same :relaxed: first time I have ever used anything like this to get help I’m hopeful someone somewhere has seen this

Did you check them over for any critters that might be lurking under the leaves?
I’ve been fighting mites indoors and everything I see now looks like bug damage to me! LOL!

Maybe @Cannabian has an idea. This guy is a outdoor growing machine! LOL!

Good Luck and I’ll be checking in. Always like to see what something ends up being so I can lock it away in this resin-soaked brain for parhaps later use.

Happy Growing Everyone!!

edit: You could also check out the troubleshooting section of The Guides.
There’s a ton of info there that might help.


I have not seen any critters other then 1 slug today. I have had a number of issues with aphids in the past so i diligently check for them or signs of them

Oh - BTW - Welcome to the site!!

Maybe this?

This is a page to bookmark if there ever was one!! Leaf Symptom Checker

Good Luck!

It’s Saturday evening - it might take a few for the pros to check in, but they will!

Good Luck!!

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Also I noticed the plant with the wilting leaves the leaf stem is very weak comes off super easy the healthy looking leaves on the plant are not as weak just the abnormal ones

Thanx for the tag @TRF. You have become quite the green thumb geek yourself buddy. :wink:

Overall the plants looks healthy, green and thirving. Dont stress out! First…

*Examin every plant. Use a flashlight to shine on each leaf. Top/bottom and every angle. Look at the stalk of the plant. If you see bugs fogure out what thay are. ‘Even’ if you dont see bugs treal all the plants. Captain Jacks of Safer Soap.
Bugs love to hang out on the underside of the leafs and also around the new growth.

Do you foilage treat your plants? If so what do you use? And if so you may of treated them in to hott of conditions. Maybeing durring the day or in the morning hours.

For the next week+ only use clear water. See how the plants react. Look at the new growth. See if it looks any different than the spott foilage.


Ok I will try that and let you know how it turns out thanks for the help

I see mold. We see that a lot this time of year with temps and humidity up in most areas. You could have bugs as well.

If you confirm bugs and as you are flowering, I would use a spinosad product such as Capt. Jack’s Deadbug. Be sure to do a bud wash when you harvest.

You can treat mold with a dilute spray of hydrogen peroxide and water.

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Is this plant under the drip line of the roof? Is the spots only in the area of the dripping? Im wondering if the rest of the plant outside the drip area us showing yhese blemishes?

Ok I will get some Capt. Jack’s and for the mold so I spray the whole plant of just infected areas? I did see this on one leaf today when looking over them it looks like a pile of poop not real clear on the picture but didn’t seen aphids or anything

Looks like leaf septoria to me.

I would spray the whole plant

Thank you all for your help this is what I woke up to bastards and can’t tell who it is on camera worst part is in VT it’s legal to growUploading: and it was several weeks out not even close to ready😭IMG_20210831_100817301_HDR.jpg…

I will try to salvage and finish growing them any tips on how to deter thieves I have cameras but they didn’t care